Styling Your Home with the Obeetee Cushions

How many cushions are too many cushions? Should I go with a single colour of cushions to go with my setup or mix and match with various different ones? What should be the placement of my cushions on the sofa versus the bed? These are all questions that have answers, but their answers differ from person to person, and ambience to ambience.

Obeetee cushions

Cushions are great accents if you want to add depth to your space, and if you wish to make your space look like a cosy and relaxing atmosphere where you can just relax and unwind. If you’ve recently bought a couch or a bed, or just planning to revamp your interior to make it appear and feel comfier, let us take you through some of the ways you can add that much needed depth to your space and create a cosy spot in your home just by adding these little plush accents.

1. Bedroom vs living room

The way you style your cushions obviously depends upon what kind of furniture or space you’re looking to revamp. Your bedroom is an intimate space where usually guests are not invited, so it needs to be all about comfort. And what are pillows/cushions if not the flagbearers of comfort? So when it comes to your bed, choose two or three pillow sizes to layer. Use larger pillows at the back, slightly smaller layer of pillows on the front, and if you want more depth, go for a third, smaller layer. Choose the quantity of pillow depending upon the size of your bed, and your personal preference, because let’s face it, we don’t want any of our cushions falling off the bed in the middle of the night and disrupting a sound sleep after a busy day.

When it comes to your living room, sofas are made for sitting, where most of your guests would sit and spend their time. An unwanted number of pillow on your sofa might make you guests feel comfortable, at the same time take up extra space in situations where you have more than 2-3 people visiting your home. A stuffed sofa can create awkward silences as your guests might not have that free arm space to interact and move. Therefore, depending upon the number of guests visiting and the size of your sofa, choose the number of cushions you want to place on your sofa. It is always ideal to start with 2 and go from there.

2. Mix and match colours and patterns

Prints are great for adding character to your space. However, prints can seem too overpowering of your interior also has a colour pallet which is vibrant and busy. In this case, the ideal thing to do is mix and match patterns with solids. Solids tend to tone down the business in your space while still maintaining the uniqueness with that little touch of patterns. If your interior tends to be on the contemporary side and your sofa and walls tend to have a neutral colour pallet, you most definitely *should* go with patterned pillows. You can always choose a patterned cushion whose colours are warm yet subdued like the Kezia Printed Cushion Cover Sahaja Printed and Embroidered Cushion Cover for this aesthetic.

3. Revamping without buying new

It is more than normal to want to spice things up, and it is also absolutely normal to not know how. After all, that’s what our blog series is here for. Why does a new ambience have to mean a new purchase? Save up on that extra money for something better, perhaps a rug (wink)? Go pick those cushions placed in your bedroom and place them on your sofa, and vice versa. Change up the covers, mix up the colours, and voila! Feels new, doesn’t it? The best part about adapting to this habit is that by reusing old cushions for a new space, you’re incorporating sustainability to your lifestyle, while also reducing on waste.

4. Choose the right materials for your lifestyle

The best type of materials are the ones that are 100% eco-friendly. These materials of course tend to be durable, safe and soft for sensitive skin and children, and create close to no waste since they are also biodegradable. At Obeetee, all our cushions are hand crafted and hand embroidered using premium quality yarns of wool, silk, and cotton. If this has intrigued you to check our beautiful range of cushions inspired by the Kutch embroidery, you can simply visit our website or click here.

In conclusion, adding cushions to your home décor can transform your space into a cosy and comfortable retreat. The number of cushions and their placement depends on the type of furniture and space you have, and the colours and patterns you choose can add character and depth to your interior. You don't always need to buy new cushions to revamp your space, as reusing old cushions can be a sustainable way to refresh your décor. When selecting cushions, it's important to consider the materials used, and at Obeetee, we offer a range of handcrafted cushions made with eco-friendly materials. So, whether you're looking to revamp your bedroom or living room, adding Obeetee cushions can bring warmth and style to your home.