Seven Decor Theme Ideas For Your Home

Carving an independent space for yourself, especially when you find joy and contentment in doing your own place, can prove to be an extremely fulfilling experience. If you relate with this feeling, it might be the perfect time to get on board your journey of giving your home the desired makeover. Re-decorating your house from scratch can be quite overwhelming with the numerous details one needs to take care of. What can be even more conflicting is translating all the ideas and plans for your favorite nook, but we are here to smooth things out for you. To create the perfectly comforting, expansive space that resides inside your heart, you can incorporate all the ideal elements and paraphernalia for your home decor. However, adding a rug or a carpet to your space can really bring that added charm to the place of your dreams.

Seven Decor Theme Ideas

The floor is the base of your home, and adorning it with a beautiful rug helps bind the whole interior together. Therefore, it becomes crucial to add a rug to your setup, one that represents the best of you through your decor.

To help you with this exciting quest, we bring to you seven decor ideas to efficiently blend in rugs, for the haven for your dreams.

Art Collectors assemble:

If you are someone who likes to spend quality time in art galleries, around exquisite exhibits, incorporating art in your home is an obvious decision. Runner rugs in a living room are the perfect addition to showcase art.  Runner rugs elevate a space, giving narrow areas a wider, more spacious look and feel. Obeetee has an assortment of runner rugs for you to choose from. Our woolen, hand-tufted rug collection is quite an ideal addition to your living room. The Gulmohar or an Oopal rug from the Pamir collection is the ultimate answer for your living room space.

Transform your living room into a contemporary art exhibit, with the likes of miniature paintings or art with landscapes and cityscapes.

The Minimalist edition:

Modern housing celebrates minimalist living, as do our designs. If you like wide spaces, and love to surround yourself more with plants and greenery, you would surely fancy our contemporary decor ideas. You can opt for the perfect rug to go with your modern space from our contemporary living collection. Ikat prints are all you need to transform your place into a luxurious locale.

From a variety of modern tufted sofas, which are both comfortable and stylish, to a range of home lighting ideas consisting of pendant lights, remote control chandeliers that come with inbuilt Bluetooth systems, there is a lot you can do with your space to uplift the overall atmosphere.

Traditional living:

If you are somebody who embraces the classical, this might interest you.

Obeetee celebrates the craft of the local artists with our Regional living collection. If you truly desire an ethnic way of life, supporting local businesses would be the ideal way forward. The Ethnic Edit collection comprises a variety of India’s finest art forms. Each rug in this collection is perfect for a classical Indian setting, featuring designs that showcase floral motifs and patterns, reminiscent of medieval era Rajasthani miniature paintings, textiles, and architecture. The collaboration with Raghavendra Rathore, which is a part of the Proud to be Indian series, honors the rich imperial influences of India. One can incorporate Jhumar lights, a decor article that embodies the spirit of Indian culture and heritage, and cushions with floral and animal motifs, for a more regal look.

From traditional pottery and spice jars to Turkish mosaic lanterns and the Lalten, there are a lot of elements for folks who fancy quaint-looking places.

The Boho Chic:

Solid colors and bold interiors are perfect for making a statement—the true essence of the Bohemian Living collection. Our Gypsy Oasis collection and abstract designs would be the right fit for the perfect bohemian space.

With edgy, abstract designs, and surrealist paintings, one can incorporate brick walls, or a completely monochrome palette. A black-and-white theme for the entire atmosphere, consisting of a color blocked living room, black walls with black decor, and black interiors, adds an experimental touch to your space, transforming it into a modern-day Gothic epicenter. To complete the Boho look, an addition of wooden furniture, cedar wood or teak furnishings would be the perfect choices.

The Maximalist soul:

 Maximalist designs are vibrant and appealing, especially in modern-day fashion trends. A crossroads of cultures, colors, and a canvas, our Spring Blossom collection would prove to be a perfect addition to a maximalist setting, perfect to be displayed on the wall or to be put on the floor.

The young Indian’s guide:

If you are someone who has just started living by yourself or has adolescents and younger people living with you, you surely understand the importance of having a corner of the house to yourself. To complete the atmosphere, incorporate our rugs from our Coastal Bliss collection for a wider and more spacious look, full of aquas and blues. With stripes and designs inspired by the ocean and a beach holiday, these rugs will add much needed calm and space to your haven.

With coffee table books strewn about the house and many books in an avid reader's space, it would be ideal to invest in floating bookshelves for the ideal budding environment for the young. For the nostalgic, favorite nook one turns to for relief, fairy lights to showcase the warmth-filled polaroids of your loved-ones would be the ideal addition.

Behold Gourmands:

Whether you cook to unwind or survive, a kitchen needs to incorporate mats and dhurries. The Awnandhurrie rug would be the final, lasting element to fill it up and top it with soothing colors for a delicious ambience. Gingham and plaid clothing spreads, pastel kitchenware, teal ovens, a white countertop, and an exquisite wine bar—these elements transform your kitchen into your luxurious space.

Contemporary or classical, ethnic or bohemian, we have an assortment of carpets for you to choose from when planning on reworking your place the next time. Take your pick now on