Rug Fashion: Styling Tips to Showcase Your Rug in the Winter Season

Dense fog, low visibility, cold breeze, and light dewdrops on the trees are a few things that clearly say that winter is here. It's time for us to get all cozy in our jackets and snuggle on our couches while sipping a hot cup of cocoa. While we Indians are strong enough to face extreme temperatures (that we usually experience), we still put on a few extra layers to dwell in the season. However, just like us, our homes require some seasonal preparations and styling too. We must make our homes warm and safe havens to keep away from the cold. Creating a sanctuary of coziness in your home is one of the top ways to survive and thrive in the winter months.

 Rug in the Winter Season

A simple way to get your home ready for the cold season is by adding a handmade rug. It not only creates a sense of warmth and comfort but helps us develop a good attitude to face the winters. Just like our jackets, a handmade carpet is a textile that adds layers to your home. It elevates the style of its interior, lending a fashionable touch to your space. Creating a winter home or thinking of ideas to bring your rug into the limelight during the season can be tricky. If you wish to make it easy, keep reading.

Here are a few tips and ideas to showcase your rug in style this winter season-

  1. Spread across the room- Carpets have a thick pile and usually retain warmth. Getting an oversized rug for your living space and placing it wall to wall would be a smart choice. This way, you will be creating a secluded area in your home filled with warmth. The carpet will not only keep your feet away from the cold marble floor but will give you a comfortable plush pile to walk upon. This room can also be a place where the entire family can get together under a blanket, talk about their day, and spend some quality time together while getting all cozy.
  2. Add in shape rugs- Winter season is also the season of holidays. It’s the time when the entire world is in a jolly mood and decorates their homes. Therefore, Getting a shaped rug will solve both your purposes. The unique construction of a shaped rug can be used as a decor accessory for the season while its thick pile can absorb the heat from the surroundings and induce warmth to your space. Placing this on the wall or by the bed is a good way to pour that holiday cheer into your place.
  3. Layering- It’s winter, the more warmth the better. While one rug can induce warmth into your space, layering multiple rugs together will do the same but more. Layering rugs together is a good way to lend aesthetic character and elegance to your space. The use of multiple shades will even bring in that festive character. You can place a solid rug and on top add in a shaped or a textured rug. Along with the visual appeal of the room, it will give more insulation to your space.
  4. Wall it up-Rugs are good insulators. Rugs also come with unique designs and patterns. Instead of getting a nice design on the sealing, placing the rug like wallpaper is also a good winter styling option. This will help insulate your space along with giving your winter home a unique and vintage character.
  5. The right material- Irrespective of the way you style, make sure to get a rug of the right material. Just like woolen clothes keep you warm, woolen rugs keep your space warm, imagine rugs as overalls for your home. Wool is a thick fiber that tends to absorb. The thick texture also adds to your comfort underfoot, preventing your feet from the cold floor below. While woolen rugs can be expensive, you can go for rugs made with viscose. A substitute for wool, this fiber has the same qualities as wool without affecting your pocket.

Woolen rugs are all-purpose rugs, place them on the wall, below the furniture, or even as an aesthetical element on the couch, these rugs will add warmth and blend in effortlessly with the decor of any style. At Obeetee Carpets you won’t be leaving empty-handed. We mean to say that we have a rug for everything and everyone. Crafted using the best quality materials, each of our rugs is a statement-making and durable piece, designed to add elegance and induce warmth to your space. From hand-knotted to hand-tufted we have a variety of construction, design, and material. All you have to do is visit our website or any of our flagship stores to pick the right rug for your winter casa.