Rugs and Interior Design: A Timeless Partnership

In the realm of interior design, every element plays a unique role. Even the smallest of the pieces emerge as silent features responsible for keeping the entire theme in harmony. Many decor accessories have entered and left this world of grand tapestry. Handmade rugs are the only thing that has survived the test of time and passed with distinction. From the very 1st rug crafted in the world to the ones being knotted at the moment in factories across the globe, each rug is more than a floor covering in this universe of creativity.

 Rugs and Interior Design

With handmade rugs having such a place, they are more than mere elements, they are like partners of interior design. It is something that sets the base of any decor and all the other elements are then included and designed specifically to be in sync. However, this importance has been over centuries-old. Let's go on a journey to tell you the tale of this timeless relationship.

A whiff of history-

Hand-knotted carpets were woven and designed all over the world. The common belief that all antique rugs were crafted in Persia and Turkey is true. The origin of the carpets started in the 13th century and began to trend in the early 1400s. Around this time the nomads started to settle down and set up villages. However, some of them remained on the move and carried the art of weaving with them. Originally these nomads used to hand-knit their tents. On these tents, they often wove a few designs to give them a unique look. Once they moved out, the tents were often admired by the locals for their beautiful designs. And with time, something that started as mere design slowly crawled its way up to the royal palaces.

The evolution-

Among the locals, weaving started to emerge as a form of expression. Just like the cavemen used to draw on walls, the weavers started to pour their emotions on the carpet canvas. This is when the carpets were recognized to have variety in designs. Many weavers started to tell stories through these designs. In the museums today, many of these carpets that portray the tales of the wars and conflicts among people and kings are present that once adorned the royal palaces.
Kings used to hire professional artisans to weave for them. These weavers specifically weaved what they were ordered. Rulers then used these carpets to adorn their beautiful palaces and lend them an aesthetic appeal. Though the Mahals were graceful already, these carpets enhanced their grace and induced them with a royal touch.

The Modern emergence-

As the hands of the clock kept moving, rugs kept crawling in the places that the ordinary human mind couldn’t think of. From narrow pathways to small spaces, from walls to entire rooms, rugs kept on helping people discover new ways to use them. While using rugs to induce aesthetics and royalty in spaces became a thing, people started to notice the comfort too. From that moment itself, rugs started to expand in terms of materials as well. Earlier silk and wool had taken the limelight, and materials like cotton and artificial fibers started to provide pocket-friendly options. As the breeze of rugs flew all over the world through word of mouth and the nomads, people started to seek knowledge about decor. In the contemporary world today, these professionals are known as interior designers and architects and rugs are their best friends.

Contemporary era-

Today, minimalism is something preferred by almost every homeowner. Ironically people still buy bold patterns inspired by Persian motifs. These heavy handmade carpets not only create a visual balance in the space but also pour out pure elegance in living spaces. The modern world is all about innovation and creativity, and the carpet canvas has always been a temple for that. Designers today keep on coming up with new ideas. In the market, and even in our collection you will find a plethora of design options. From geometric motifs to ones inspired by the leafy motifs of nature, symmetrical designs to abstract art, rugs of all varieties are available for every place and everyone.

A handmade rug has multiple roles in any interior. It elevates the style of your home, helps you lend your place a part of your personality, and adds life to your home. When used as a floor covering, it binds the space together and creates a haven of warmth and comfort under our feet, whilst when used as a backdrop, it acts as an insulator, and sound absorber and enhances the visual appeal of the space.

Obeetee Carpets is a century-old company. At our house in Mirzapur, our weavers have been crafting carpets for generations. In our vast collection, we have carpets designed by professionals in the textile industry and even the most reputed fashion designers in the world. Each of our carpets is made with the best quality materials and feature designs that blend in effortlessly with the interior of any theme.


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