Rugs and Textures: From Plush to Flatweave, What Works Best for You

You’d be lying if you said you found your style in one go. Like any of us, at least in your life, you might have explored the entire market and rushed from one store to another to find what works best for you. You might have even tried someone else’s look but what may have worked for one, might not work for someone else. Well, this ideology applies in every realm of life. Be it your food choices, fashion preferences, or your home decor.

Rugs and Textures

Just like you have a unique personality, your home needs one too. You cannot be lenient towards the appearance of your casa, after all, it is a reflection of who you are. If you ever wish to give an upgrade to yourself, you go and get yourself some new clothes and accessories but when it comes to your home, the fight between how and what in your brain can be a bummer.

If you wish to give your space an upgrade, a handmade carpet works like a charm. It not only ties your entire home together but induces your space with a unique personality and aura. While you set your feet out in the market or buy hand-woven rugs online, you need to be sure what kind of rug would be suitable for your home, a plush or a flat-weave.

Let’s make it easy for you by bi-furcating the 2.

Flatweave Rugs-

Made from vertical and horizontal fibers woven together to create a single piece, a Flatweave rug is created without any knots. Easy to pick and light wave, these are rugs with no pile. Suitable for hardwood floors and places inspired by a minimalistic look, these rugs are like a layer of natural fibers, hand-woven together. Though they lack those loose fibers that add plush to the canvas, these are soft underfoot.

Kilims and Dhurries fall under the category of Flatweaves. Relatively easy to make from plush carpets, these are affordable and come with a unique traditional approach. Originating from India, (Dhurries)these rugs are highly durable and last long.

If you live in a joint family or frequently host guests, then flatweave rugs are your best friends. Place them in high-traffic spaces like hallways, especially because their thinner weave means doors can open and close easily over them. In spaces where you’ll be scooting chairs around, like the office or dining room, it will be a smart move to roll out a flatweave rug since the rug will provide less friction for moving chairs.

At Obeetee Carpets, we provide you with a huge collection to leave you confused with options if you wish to buy these hand-woven rugs online. Crafted with the best quality of materials, each of our flatweave rugs is made with natural fibers and comes featuring unique traditional and geometrical designs, crafted for the modern homes of today.

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Plush Rugs-

More than just rugs, these are fashionable and luxurious hugs to your feet. Also known as shaggy rugs because of their thick construction, these argus are often hand-knotted or hand-tufted. Boasting durability along with comfort, these rugs have a dense construction and induce warmth in your spaces.

Crafted with smooth and densely packed fibers knotted or tufted, a plush rug gives you the experience of walking on the clouds. Along with comfort, these rugs are stain-resistant to some extent and come with an irresistible visual appeal.

Hand-knotted rugs and hand-tufted rugs fall under the category of shag rugs. To weave a hand-knotted carpet, one needs to be highly skilled. From months to years, hand-knotted carpets take a lot of time to be woven. The quality and the cost of the rug depend on the number of knots tied per square inch. A higher density of knots means a better quality carpet.

A hand-tufted rug is made with a combination of man and machine. The machine is hand-operated by the artisans who are equipped with the necessary skills. Affordable in comparison to a hand-knotted rug, a hand-tufted carpet takes less time to be crafted.

Relatively expensive than flatweaves, plush carpets are masterpieces. Ideal for homes with vintage or decor styles with a semi-modern look or places where you wish to divert people’s attention, you can buy hand-knotted carpets online and hand-tufted carpets online from our website.  In our collection, you will find plush carpets suitable for every home style. Versatile enough to blend effortlessly into your homes, our carpets feature traditional and contemporary motifs. These rugs not only elevate the aesthetics of your place but lend them a unique personality.

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Handmade rugs are an essential part of your decor. More than an upgrade, these give your home a rejuvenated character to your spaces. Depending upon the style and usage along with keeping in mind the existing aesthetics of your interior, you need to make the right choice and choose what works best for your home, a flatweave or a plush rug.

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