Our Spring-inspired Rug Collection

As the breezy mornings of winter bid farewell to us, the pleasant weather of the spring greets us with open arms. The warm sunshine breathes new life into nature, all we can see are the chirping birds, rejuvenating gardens, blooming flowers, and colorful butterflies. It’s fair to say that this spring season knows to make an entrance as it pulls the world out of the depths of winter, introducing it to the happy summer months. The changing season outside is like an update in nature's decor. A smooth transformation from the dark-dense aura to the bright-sunny sights. While it might seem that there is nothing like the sight of such a change, it is a signal for everyone to update their winter decor and lend their homes a spring-season transition.

Spring inspired rug collection

Like nature, it’s time for you to grow out of the dark shades in your decor and trade in with the bright hues of the blossoming flowers and the lush green trees dancing in the semi-cold wind.  It's time to add colors and life to your home. We understand that re-decorating is a daunting task, and the season change can be a pressure but there is only little we have to tell you, you can simply add rejuvenating life to your home just by updating/adding in a bright handmade rug along with rearranging the furniture of your interior. At Obeetee Carpets, we have handmade rugs for you to make your life easy. In our collection, you will find a variety of carpets featuring bright shades and floral patterns to add that spring charm to your homes. To give you a glimpse of our collection, here is a small list of a few of our spring best-sellers.

  1. Carl-B- Rose-gold shades of the carpet canvas set the perfect base for your spring home. Nothing speaks of ‘blooming’ than the hue adorning the flower of love. Crafted by the hands of skilled artisans at our house in Mirzapur, the Carl-B carpet is a woolen piece for your home. The minimal design at the edges of green wine with small flowers, reminiscent of nature’s creepers are like perfect compliments to your home. Hand-tufted, comfortable, durable, and comes with a thick pile, the Carl-B rug lights up your house just like the smile of your partner does to your heart when you give them a rose.

    For more information, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/carl-b-hand-tufted-woollen-rug
  2. Niha- Light blue shades of the bright clear sky, earthy shades of the flowers, and elegance of a bouquet encapsulate the character of the Niha carpet. Crafted using wool sourced from the most fertile fields of the country, the carpet is one of a kind. Designed with a modern approach, complimented by traditional hints, the bold floral design on the canvas of the Niha carpet makes your home look like a garden. From the Panache collection, this carpet is a delicate yet durable and comfortable piece for your contemporary casa.

    To know more- https://www.obeetee.in/products/niha-hand-tufted-woollen-rug
  3. Surmaya- Seeking inspiration from the Mughal gardens and their architecture, both brought together on the carpet canvas of the Surmaya. Hand-knotted using wool and cotton, the carpet has been crafted by the skilled artisans of Bhadohi. The green base perfectly compliments the all-over window pattern in white, encapsulating a beautiful flower in red. This hand-knotted flowerbed when placed in your room creates a captivating aura in your home, enhancing the aesthetics of your contemporary space with timeless elegance. The carpet is available in multiple sizes as well.

    Learn more about this carpet here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/surmaya-hand-knotted-woollen-and-cotton-rug
  4. Phool- A hand-woven masterpiece, the Phool carpet is one of our unique creations. Crafts for modern homes, the carpets enhance the vibrancy of your interior. Pastel shades used in contemporary art elevate the charm of the all-over floral pattern adorning the carpet canvas. Dark-light shades along with hints of green give the Ohool character a real character. Hand-tufted using wool and cotton of superior quality, the Phool is a durable, comfortable, and sophisticated addition to your home.

    For more information about the carpet, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/products/phool-hand-tufted-woollen-and-cotton-rug
  5. Jasmine- Reminiscent of the random brush strokes by an artist on a canvas that has taken the formation of a flower, the Jasmine carpet is another piece of beauty crafted by our artisans. Multiple pastel shades bring nature to life inside your home via the durable canvas of the carpet. Hand-tufted using wool and cotton sourced from the most fertile fields of the country. The carpet is comfortable underfoot. Not less than a tapestry, the carpet when placed inside your home, gives your home a rejuvenated character. The rug is not only available in multiple sizes but can also be customized according to the size of your room.

    Learn more about this rug- https://www.obeetee.in/products/jasmin-hand-tufted-woollen-and-cotton-rug