Our Best Selling Cushions

Since the dawn of time, humans have been using accessories to enhance their personalities and stand out from others. It's a trend that comes from our history. Rulers of various kingdoms used crowns and expensive jewels to outshine the local public, their homes were built with unique designs, and the accents inside their homes were better than the others. In the modern day, people use multiple things to accentuate themselves. Some wear fancy accessories matching their outfits, some walk around wearing expensive shoes, carrying expensive bags, etc, all this is done just to get compliments and to ‘stand out’ from everyone else. The same thing can be said about the use of cushions in the realm of home decor.

Our Best Selling Cushions

Cushions are like accents to the interior of your place. Some might even call them ‘personality enhancers’ for your space. The right cushion in your space can transform your living space into a sanctuary of beauty and elegance. It not only compliments your furniture but adds a vibrant zeal to your home’s interior. If you are on the lookout for giving your home a decorative look on a budget then adding handmade cushions will be a smart move. Handmade cushions are multi-purpose. Decorative as well as functional, they enhance the visual appeal and the comfort in your space.

The cushions that you pick should coordinate with the existing color palette of your space. If you have neutrals, go for a heavy patterned cushion to balance out the soft visual appeal, in case you have textured patterns in your space, a solid cushion will be a smarter choice. While choosing cushions, you should dare to be different. Picking out contrasting color and design options will act as statement-making pieces in your decor, reflecting your and your home’s personality as versatile and bold.

Being in the industry for over a century gives us at Obeetee Carpets an idea of what people want. As we expand our wings in the decor industry, we are proud of the performance of our recently launched handmade cushion collection. Each of our cushions is crafted by the hands of experienced weavers, using the best quality of materials along with featuring versatile designs. Every design crafted on our cushions is a result of meticulous research by our design team, making each piece in sync with the international decor trends of the contemporary world. Here is a list of our best-selling cushions that you can incorporate into your living spaces and compliment your home.

  1. Tempest- Tempest is an embroidered piece from our cushion collection. Handmade using the finest materials, the cushion comes with a comfortable filler. The use of cotton in the construction makes it a light and breathable Featuring a unique design in multiple shades on its canvas, the Tempest can be used on the seating furniture in your living space or the furniture in your bedroom. The white base not only provides a good base for other elements on the cushion but also makes it a versatile addition to your space. The cushion is available in multiple sizes as well.

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  1. Sunflower- Embracing the elegant resemblance of the Sunflower in an elemental format, the sunflower cushion is a vibrant yet sophisticated piece from our collection. Crafted using cotton, this embroidered cushion comes with a comfortable The use of multiple hues not only adds to the visual appeal of the cushion but gives it an aesthetic definition. Place this versatile piece on your supplementing furniture and watch it elevate the aura of the accent.

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  1. Opulence- The hand-embroidered cushion would be an elegant addition to your living space furniture with its floral pattern on a golden Ideal for a minimalistic decor, the cushion goes well on furniture pieces with a solid design. The heavily embroidered pattern not only balances the visual appeal but also enhances the comfort in your space. Adding this accent to your home would be a complement to your interior.

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  1. Tant- Belonging to the same cream and gold, embroidered family of the opulence cushion, tant is an artistic piece from our collection. Crafted using the best quality materials, the cushion exudes luxury and sophistication when placed on your furniture. The heavy design makes the cushion suitable for an interior following a minimal The cushion is also available in multiple sizes.

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  1. Strypes- Simple yet elegant, the Strypes cushion is a handmade cushion from our collection designed to accentuate your home. The white base makes the cushion a versatile addition to your Place the cushion on your seating furniture or the bed, the cushion will enhance the visual appeal of your space.

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A little bit of thought can transform your space in ways you cannot even imagine. Experience the magic of our handmade cushions 1st hand by visiting our website https://www.obeetee.in/ or any of our flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Jaipur.