Obeetee's Authenticity

In any industry, trust is the most priced and prized possession one can have. Knowing thoroughly about the service or product you set out to buy is normal. It's basic human nature to check twice before spending/investing your hard-earned money.  Whether it's the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the decor accessories we buy, or the movies we watch, reassurances of the quality and services make us comfortable. While businesses all around the world do their best in terms of PR to maintain their goodwill and try to provide the best after-sale services, certifications from certain institutions are something that gives us assurance regarding the brand’s commitment and quality.

Obeetee Authenticity

Certifications are much more than mere awards hung on the wall. They are symbols of the ethical, sustainable, and fair practices followed by a business. These certifications are hard-earned possessions of businesses from certain quality check institutions and regulatory bodies established by or in collaboration with the government. Imagine you set out to purchase a decor accessory. After doing thorough research, you pick a brand and just before making the payment you realize that the brand is not following a hygienic or safe manufacturing practice. Would you still go ahead and make the purchase? Needless to say, because we already know it. On the other hand, another business is offering the same product but at a slightly higher price but has a “Good manufacturing practices” certificate. You wouldn’t even think twice before making the purchase.

Obeetee Carpets has been in the industry for more than a century.  In our organization, we understand the need for customer satisfaction, the basic human need for reassurance, and the necessity of following Good Manufacturing practices, fair trade processes, and everything else. Over the past few years, with our dedication, fine craftsmanship, good trade and manufacturing practices, and sustainable initiatives, we have managed to receive certain certifications from renowned institutions around the world. This ascertains the quality of our products and our commitment to serve you with nothing but the best.

Here is a list of our certifications that establish the Obeetee name with authenticity.

  1. Fairtrade practices- As the words give away the meaning, Fairtrade is a practice that the business follows all the rules and regulations of international trade. The business doesn’t lean into any legalities for making additional profits. This certification also means that the business gives a fair price to the vendors, artisans, farmers, etc for their products and services. Obeetee Carpets was awarded this certificate for their dedication to carrying out the business within all the rules and regulations and for giving back to their weavers. The organization set up an additional fair trade facility by the name of Raj Carpets where the 2% premium charged to customers for these carpets is returned to the weavers in the form of rewards.
  2. Good Weave- A label is purely given to a business based on how it treats the labor. This tag is given to companies where there is no usage of bonded or child labor. All the laborers are working in the factories willingly and are paid fair wages. At Obeetee Carpets, we ensure that each of our artisans is paid according to the work they do, and gets all the facilities for their ease of working.
  3. Woolmark- Just like Gold and ornaments come with a hallmark, embarking on its authenticity, the wool fiber also has a quality check procedure and a stamp that authenticates its quality. At Obeetee Carpets, we manufacture handmade carpets crafted using multiple natural materials. Wool is a dominant fiber used in manufacturing these handmade marvels. All our raw materials go through a thorough quality check, we use only the best quality wool fiber, endorsed by Woolmark.
  4. SA 8000:2014- The SA certification lays down a code of conduct developed based on ILO conventions related to International Human rights instruments. By Social Accountability International, the certificate was given to Obeetee Carpets in the year 2014 for giving back to society, being accountable to international standards of business, and being socially responsible to factories and organizations around the globe.
  5. Fernmark- The best quality wool can be found in New Zealand. Every fiber exported from New Zealand is endorsed with a mark of authenticity. In our premium designer carpets, where we use New Zealand wool, we use the best quality that is authenticated with Fernmark.
  6. RWS- Another marker of authenticity of the wool quality. Recently, Obeetee has started to use this quality of wool to make the best quality carpets for your homes.

Certifications are not just stamps of approval but a symbol of any business’s commitment and authenticity. When we say that at Obeetee Carpets, we use only the best quality materials to manufacture our products, make sure each carpet is thoroughly checked, and a fair share is given back to our artisans, we mean every single word of it. To know more, or to buy the best handmade carpets online, visit our website- https://www.obeetee.in/