Carpets for Smart Homes

The world today is advancing at breakneck speed. Everything is becoming smart with time, from our mobile phones to our homes, our needs to our food. The time when automated technologies like motion sensors on doors, voice activation for security, and fingerprint scanners for verification were only installed at banks, airports, and major institutions is long gone. Imagine, you enter your home after a tiring day at work and you are welcomed by a door opened automatically (no hassle to find the keys in your bag), an automated voice that welcomes you, a sweet soothing melody playing in the background, and the fireplace is lit automatically. 10 years back this might’ve felt like a science fiction scene but today, it’s a reality.

Carpets for smart home

The concept of smart homes is about integrating various devices in your homes, all interconnected to manage the working of a smart home. From automated thermostats to voice control in each room for adjusting electronic devices, from managing your smart screens to cleaning your entire house, technology has come a long way. While technology helps you to run your home, and keep it secure, it is necessary to complement your smart home with elegance. Picking the right decor accents to pair up with the modern place is the right choice. These accents will help you to enhance the impact of automated lights, the fireplace, and even the alley in your space.

Recently, the market has been flooded with smart furniture. The sofa or the armchairs come with freezers, massagers, and heating systems. They have wheels that can be controlled with a remote so that they can be moved easily.  A smart home requires smart accents. The furniture is one thing but decor items like tapestries, carpets, cushions, and other accessories are something different. These items make your house into a home. They perfectly contrast the theme you’ve set inside your homes, making your smart home complete. A handmade rug is a primary thing for your smart home. It’ll help you establish a base for your interior and assist you in picking the right gadgets, furniture, and other decor items accordingly. At Obeetee Carpets we have chic and modern carpets for your home to make it visually smart as well. Inspired by the un-noticed elements of nature and abstract art, each of the carpets listed below will add sophistication, beauty, definition, and class to your interior.

  1. Amidst The Mist Hand Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug-Picture you as a hitchhiker stranded amidst the stormy climate of the Kodaikanal forests, gazing up at the sun for guidance. While this may seem somewhat daunting, it undeniably holds a certain beauty. This very imagery is captured in the Amidst the Mist rug. Hand-tufted with the finest wool and cotton fibers, this rug comes in monochromatic tones that effortlessly blend with any decor. Placing this rug in your smart home will instantly enhance the room's ambiance, infusing it with a sense of depth and a chic character.
  2. Molly- Presenting an exquisite masterpiece designed to infuse a contemporary flair into your smart home. Meet Molly from the Untitled Collection, a meticulously hand-tufted carpet crafted by skilled artisans using the finest wool and cotton. Its resilient canvas showcases an abstract patchwork design, boasting a distinctive color palette comprising a blend of hues. With tones ranging from blue, gray, and beige to coral, rust, and ivory, this rug appeals to connoisseurs of refined taste. Incorporating this stunning rug into your living space promises to enhance its aesthetic appeal while imbuing it with a serene yet vibrant ambiance.
  3. Majestic Mirror- True to its name, the rug exudes majesty, drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscapes it reflects. Its bold design, mirroring the snowy peaks of North India against the flowing glacier, lends it a striking presence that complements the minimalistic decor of your smart home effortlessly. The predominant blue tones imbue your space with a tranquil ambiance, while the intricate pattern commands attention as the focal point. Ideal for modern homes, the Majestic Mirror hand-tufted wool and cotton rug bestows upon your living space an air of regal elegance.
  4. Winnie- Rolling out this rug in your smart home will give your guests an idea that your home is indeed a smart one before they notice the technology. If you want to inject some character into your living space, look no further than this rug. Winnie, meticulously hand-tufted using premium cotton and wool fibers, showcases a vibrant yellow hue with a backdrop of subtle gray. A standout piece from the Untitled collection, this rug features an eye-catching abstract design reminiscent of corals, serving as its focal point. Versatile enough for various settings, this rug brings a contemporary flair to your interior decor.

The carpets from our “Untitled” and “Mosaic” collections are one of a kind. While these are just a few, we have a lot more listed on our website. One way to use these smart-looking rugs is to simply lay them on the floor. Since everything is being automated these days, you can get an automatic rug roll device that will help you to roll out your rug on the floor, on the wall, and even in the hallways with simple voice activation. For more information visit our website and explore our handmade rugs.