Mixing and Matching: Combining Different Rug Patterns and Textures

Going by the quote, ”The 1st impression is the last impression”, all of you as homeowners might feel some pressure about making your home look visually appealing. Finding the right decor accessories to brighten your home might be daunting and challenging. But lucky for you, we at the House of Obeetee love a challenge. We get that it is a lot of pressure to pick just the right items to enhance the look and feel of your home and with so many options available, getting confused is very common. Instead of going through all the trouble, you just need to get handmade rugs from Obeetee Carpets and everything will fall in place.

Mixing and Matching Combining Different Rug

Adding handmade carpets to your home will not only become a focal point but will also add meaning to its aura. It will elevate your home’s atmosphere and give it an inviting vibe. We at Obeetee Carpets offer you an end number of rugs with different patterns, designs, and textures which you can mix and match and lift up the standard of your home decor. In this blog, we will tell you a few tricks to create a visually interesting and intimidating area by combing different rugs.

  1. Make Layers-
    A hand-knotted neutral-color rug placed layered with a dark-colored rug with a bold design covering just the center will give your room the upbeat look you aspire. These dark-light color combinations and patterns will add a contrasting look to your living spaces and make them look intriguing.
    Obeetee Carpets has just the right collection for you if you are into layering your carpets. Visit our website to know more. (https://www.obeetee.in/)

  2. Same-Same but different-
    Using the same rugs but in different areas goes well while styling any room. Choose handmade rugs of the right design and color so that they match the decor of the room. Further, you can differentiate them by opting for each one of different measurements and shapes while pairing them with the relevant furniture. By going forward with the same rugs, the key is to keep the room from giving out a boring vibe and maintain the visual continuity of the room and keep the areas distributed and defined.
  3. Play with Texture-
    Combining rugs with different textures is a great way to shed some light on the room’s decor. Keeping the colors the same, you can combine a rug with a bold texture with one that has a minimalist abstract or geometrical design. This will give the room’s interior a unified look making the rugs look unique at the same time. This play with texture will not only add visual interest to your room but also make it look spacious. Handmade carpets at Obeetee come in different textures. We provide you with a lot of options to choose from. All of our rugs are crafted especially for you by experienced weavers who follow traditional crafting techniques with only the best quality and sustainable materials to add value to your living space.

  4. Keep an eye on style-
    A carpet defines you as much as it defines your home. Choosing the carpet is a reflection of your style which you want your room to boast. You can choose 2 different carpets from the same design family and place them together. This will present a connection between the rugs almost like they are speaking to each other, adding a very intimate and cozy zest to your room.

Variety is the spice of life and innovation is the key to it. These are just a few ideas out of many on how you can mix and match rugs of different patterns, designs, and textures to highlight the decor of your room. You can innovate your own ideas and make your living space symbolic. While doing so, keep in mind that any combination of rugs will look graceful as long as share a common element. Rugs with different design scales keep the atmosphere from looking slightly overwhelming. In a situation where nothing seems to work out, combining a neutral rug with a bold one will get the job done.