Minimalist or Maximalist? The Rug Design Scheme for You

Talking home décor style trends, the two major themes that all of us are aware of are the minimalist and maximalist styles. The category of home décor is a vast one with contemporary, bohemian, abstract, geometric, and many such themes. However, for someone who hasn’t delved deep into this world, maximalist and minimalistic design approaches are the easiest way to determine which appeals to whom.

That being said, it is a popular notion that minimalism means giving up on all the worldly desires and possessions. However, the true essence of minimalism lies in the feeling of being satisfied with all that we have. Maximalism, on the other hand is a lifestyle that branches from a variety of underlying determinants. Being a maximalist could mean so many things. For a homeowner, it could be that they have their personal battles to fight and creating their home into a luxurious abode makes them feel safe. For an artist it could be channelizing all the creativity that resides within their heart. For a musician it could mean not stopping at learning the chords of just one instrument, but as many as their creativity inspires them to explore.

Despite the contrasting characteristics of both these lifestyles, when we talk about the two with respect to home décor, it all comes down to how we address creativity.

Based on the two visual aesthetics, we have curated a list of 8 rugs that feature both minimalistic as well as the maximalist pattern schemes so you can choose the one that expresses the best of you.

Maximalist rugs

Maximalist rugs

1) Ikat Crown Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

The ikat crown hand knotted rug is perfect piece of adornment if you wish to create a statement in your space. Inspired from the central Asian textile art form known as Ikat, the design scheme of this rug brings an instant lift to your interior aesthetics. The colours tell an intriguing story enmeshed in mustard yellow, blue, charcoal black, rust, and vibrant red hues, perfect to bring a vibrant touch of elegance to your home. The rug has been hand woven with a deep woollen pile that yields a sumptuous texture, perfect for the maximalist homeowner who likes bold patterns for their furnishings. Its bold patterns have been additionally embedded with lush and vibrancy which is ideal to bring an ethnic essence to the heart of your home.

2) Bardia Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

This one is an interesting addition to the list, mainly because the rug only features an amalgamation of two tones of colour, yet has been added to the list of the maximalist styles. Well, the reason for this is the patterns that this rug has been adorned with. The rug, featuring an elegant and intricate array of traditional Persian motifs leaves no space empty. Covered with detailed motifs inspired by the traditional Oushak and Khotan motifs, its verdant green canvas highlighted with yellow details instantly catch the eye. The use of traditional patterns reinvented with bright contemporary colours ensures that the rug suffuses your home with a sense of cheery and delight. An ideal furnishing accent for those opulent homes, the rug is perfect if you wish to keep the eyes busy with all the movement that the rug brings to your space.

3) Serapi-B Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

Another rug which is unique and heavy on the patterns is the Serapi- B hand tufted rug. All the elements present in this rug only say one thing, the more the merrier. The traditional Persian medallion at the heart of this rug instantly captures the eye and the essence of Persian artistry. This rug is an assortment of myriad designs and motifs that range from floral to regal, and has been woven to perfection by skilled Indian craftspeople. The colours bring a splash of vibrancy through its vibrant hues of red, maroon, rust, pink, and black, bringing a royal to the ambience of your home.

4) Meraki Hand Knotted Woollen And Viscose Rug

A marvellously hand knotted rug crafted using superior aesthetic and design appeal of a rug. A beautiful rug which features a subtle and elegant combination of brown and beige, this rug brings the true intricacies of the traditional Indian artistry to the table. Additionally, it features a distressed finish which provides it with a uniquely quality material, the Meraki hand knotted rug is a true work of art when it comes to the modern appeal draped with a traditional charm. The rug sits perfectly well with homes with a furniture setup that looks busy and complements well the setups that tend to appear gloomy due to lack of character.

Minimalistic Rugs

Minimalistic Rugs

1) Carl-B Hand Tufted Woollen Rug

If you are an admirer of canvases that look clean yet elegant, this rug could be the perfect choice for the minimalist in you. Featuring intricately crafted florals that bring a luxurious touch to any space they are placed in, the rug blends well with the existing elements present in a home. Not being too overpowering to the senses, the background of this rug features a subtle pinkish tone, which has been adorned elegantly the floral bouquets coloured with dark green, ivory, blue, and yellow. But don’t worry, the amount of colours certainly does not surpass your preference of having minimalistic elements present in a rug. The rug has been crafted using the hand tufting technique using the most superior quality yarn of wool which is another reason for you to bring it home as it can last for years. Therefore, the exceptional quality of this rug will not result in your looking for any more rugs.

2) Akkatt Hand Knotted Polyester Rug

Some of us do not like our homes to look too busy, yet exude a sense of fresh and alluring ambience. This is exactly why the Akkatt hand knotted rug has been added to our list of minimalistic rugs. One look at this rug, and you see nothing a cool bluish green texture. Thus, the rug subtly brings warmth to your space and makes it look cosier at a single glance. This rug has been hand knotted using an exceptional quality of yarn, perfect to last in your home for years to come.

3) Amala Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

Another artistic rug with a minimalistic design appeal, the Amala hand knotted woollen rug is a perfect piece of adornment for your minimalistic abode. Elegant, contemporary patterns hand woven in the finest wool, the rug brings the alluring Indo-Tibetan weaving styles to life. The geometric design lend itself to a home where the design aesthetic is clean and minimalist—ideal for a home office or study.

4) Cloudburst Gold Hand Knotted Woollen Rug

Have you ever used water colours to create an alluring, and natural work of art by moving the canvas of your painting in random motions? This rug is a rug version of that very work of art. With different shades of gold in lighter and darker tones, the rug is perfect for the minimalist in you. This stunning canvas of the rug brings contemporary designs of paintings, photographs and artistic impressions to life.

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