Different Ways to Place Rugs in Bedroom

Nothing speaks of comfort, intimacy, relaxation, and personal space like the bedroom. It is not just a room but a happy place. A place where he/she wishes to be after a tiring day at work and seek rest in a soft blanket. A special place like this deserves some special treatment. Though the bedroom is a private space, it might experience some footfall on occasional sleepovers and get-togethers. Thus, it is necessary to keep the decor of the room up to date, not only to have a plausible impression on guests but also for yourself.

Different ways to place rugs in bedrooms

Unlike the living room, the bedroom has limited space. Adding decor accessories like vases and paintings might get in the way. The easiest way to elevate your bedroom aesthetics, along with inducing warmth and comfort is to introduce a rug to your bedroom flooring.

It is a notion that color and pattern are the factors you need to consider when buying rugs. But practically, it is the size and the shape of the rug that should be the priority when choosing a rug. These factors will determine the placement of your carpet.

After a thorough market research, let's suppose you have picked a rug. Now the next question is how to place it. When it comes to the living space, you can simply place it under the coffee table, the furniture, or maybe later with other rugs, but adding a rug in the bedroom can be tricky.

Ways to place rugs in the bedroom-

  1. Tapestry- You might have heard of carpets being used as wall hangings. These are also known as tapestries. A tapestry is nothing but an intricate carpet being used as a decorative accent on the wall to enhance the aesthetics of the space. Since there is minimal space in the bedroom, adding a carpet will lend that texture to the walls of the bedroom, making it cozier and elegant.
  2. The backdrop- While we will talk about placing the carpet on the bedroom floor after this, covering the main wall with a carpet is a great idea. Usually in every room, there is a patterned wall with other walls complementing minimally. Covering the main wall will lend the space a realistic character along with warmth and a comforting aura.

Carpets are made using thick fibers and have a plush pile. They are good sound absorbers, and comfort enhancers and induce a welcoming vibe in the space. Placing a rug in the bedroom like this will help you achieve all these benefits all at once.

  1. According to the bed- Since the bed is the focal point in the bedroom, it serves as a main factor while placing the rug in this space. Additionally, it helps define the space and makes it easier to place the rug in a spot to land your feet comfortably on the bed, protecting you from the cold floor. The rug can be placed entirely under the bed and the side tables, giving some continuity to the space along with making it a whole. This will help define the bed space from the rest of the area in the room.
  2. Cover less-position the rug in a way that it covers only 2/3rd space of the bed and some additional space in the room. This will give you more area to step upon the rug and distinguish the comfort bubble around the bed.
  3. Place separate runners- Instead of placing a common rug, you can place 2 same runners on both sides of the bed. An additional contrasting runner at the footer will help you lend the room texture and modern aesthetics.
  4. Wall-to-wall - Not a common concept followed by professionals but it’s your room, and if you wish to do so, you can. Covering the entire bedroom floor with a carpet will add to your comfort in ways you cannot even imagine. After declaring the bedroom as a no-shoe zone(because of the carpet), your bedroom will be free of the contaminants and dust from the outside.
  5. Multiple rugs- Though suitable for small spaces, multiple rugs in the bedroom might make the space look cluttered if not placed properly. Placing a separate rug for each element in the bedroom like the dressing, the study table, and even the shelf might add definition to the room. Complimenting these rugs, placing a universal rug that matches with all other rugs or creates a contrasting effect at the bed footer will give your bedroom a wholesome character.

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