Abstract Art Collection

Nowadays, the world is set in ways that we are scared to adapt to the slightest changes. We wish to think out of the box but we do not, owing to the fear that even with a bit of change in the process our future will be hampered. We are so focused on the future that we forget to embrace the present, without realizing the reality that the present is in fact our future, happening right now. The actions and choices we make today will show their results in the future. We at Obeetee Carpets have captured this enigmatic essence of the human mind, the essence of creativity, imagination, possibilities, and all things that are not confined to traditional ways of living. Bringing to life a collection of handmade carpets inspired by Abstract Art, we present to you, ‘Untitled’.

Abstract Art collection

Life is all about finding the ‘perfect’ in imperfections. Through ‘Untitled’, we aim to break the stereotype of ‘ideal’ and perfect’ and embrace the uncertainties of life beautifully.

Not everything is to be completed, not everything is to be perfect, and not every ‘rule’ that society expects us to follow is to be followed. With a wide collection of rugs that urge one to think beyond what’s ideal, we wish to empower this mindset and give it an identity.

This handmade carpet collection of abstract art consists of some unique and unexpected designs which you can use as a part of your home decor to give it a contemporary look.

Let’s explore some of the rugs from this collection, so you can find the one that speaks to your individual identity.

  1. Winnie Hand Tufted WoollenAnd Cotton Rug-
    If you wish to add some personality to your home then this is the rug for you. Winnie, a hand-tufted rug crafted with cotton and wool of the finest fibers, comes in a bright yellow color art with a grey shade in the background. This rug from the Untitled collection has an eye catchy abstract art design representing the corals, i.e. the focal point of this magnificent piece. Suitable for diverse spaces, this rug adds a modern touch to your decor.

    Check out the rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/winnie-hand-tufted-woollen-and-cotton-rug

  2. Molly Hand-Tufted Woollen And Cotton Rug-
    Introducing a true work of art that can add a modern touch to your home decor. Molly from the Untitled collection is a hand-tufted carpet, made by highly experienced weavers with the best quality of wool and cotton. Its durable canvas is engraved with an abstract patchwork design with a unique color palate containing a medley of colors. Shades of blue, grey, beige, coral, rust, and ivory make this rug perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Adding this gorgeous rug to your living space will not only elevate its decor but will also add a calming yet peppy atmosphere to it.

    Check out this rug here-https://www.obeetee.in/products/molly-hand-tufted-woollen-and-cotton-rug

  3. Flory Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug-

Displaying a wavy striped design of abstract art, similar to that of a tiger, The Flory Hand Tufted WoollenAnd Viscose is a carpet from our newly launched abstract art collection, Untitled.

Crafted with the finest materials by using a hand-tuft weaving technique, this rug boasts durability and comfort. Featuring percentages of cotton, wool, and viscose, this rug is soft underfoot, durable, and has a lustrous sheen which makes it visually attractive. Suitable for areas with high traffic, the pristine condition of this rug will remain unaffected for a long time. Get ready to rejuvenate the decor of your living spaces with Flory.

Check out this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/flory-hand-tufted-woollen-and-viscose-rug

  1. Eshaq Hand Tufted Woollen And Viscose Rug-

Liven up your living space with an air of opulence with the intriguing and intimidating Eshaq rug, a luxurious masterpiece that highlights a mesmerizing golden hue. Hand-tufted with utmost attention to detail by highly experienced weavers, this rug showcases a contemporary design infused with abstract art elements which results in a visually appealing centerpiece that snatches attention in any room.

This rug from the Untitled collection is Created using top-quality materials, including a blend of woolen yarn (50%), viscose (29%), and cotton yarn (21%). This rug not only has a durable canvas but also offers a soft and plush feel underfoot.

Suitable for spaces where you wish to add a holiday feel, this rug brings a warm and vibrant atmosphere to your home just like the spring season.

Check out this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/eshaq-hand-tufted-woollen-and-viscose-rug 

Whilst these are just a few of our carpets, you can visit our website and check out more of the Untitled collection and elevate the decor of your living space with us.

By drawing experience from the creative and enigmatic parts of the human mind, the collection has a spirit of an incomplete scene that somehow seems complete. The mix-match of colors displays hypothetical possibilities of life along with an extensive portrait of emotions through abstract patterns. This harmonious partnership is an encouragement for us to embrace the uncertainties of life beautifully.

Just like all the great things in life happen all of a sudden, We call these graceful imperfections Untitled. What would you call them?