A Colorful Delight- Chroma People

There is no denying in saying that a link exists between colors and human emotions. There are a bunch of idioms that portray how different colors affect our moods. From a beautiful snowy mountain to the bright shade of our outfit, from the dark dense color of the night sky to a beautiful rainbow after the rain. A few of these sights might calm you down, the snowy whites would fill you with energy while the dense night might resemble your mood if you’ve had a dull day.

  • He’s the black sheep.
  • You just appeared out of the blue.
  • Are you seeing red?
  • Is your world black and white?

 A Colorful Delight

Here are a few examples that you might be familiar with. Anyhow, everyone’s reaction to colors is different. Colors can make us feel a certain way depending on how we see them. For some, black might be the color portraying density while for a person whose favorite color is black, it might liven the person up. From being associated with memories to feelings, emotions, and even the world of marketing, color is a strong tool of communication.

Speaking of colors, our new collection, designed and launched with the contemporary rugmaker Tissage- Chroma People is nothing less than a colorful delight. The collection embraces the uniqueness of the color palette in magical ways. Each rug in this not only adds life to your home but transforms the area into a sanctuary complimented with aesthetics and elegance.

The collection was recently launched and you’d be delighted once you realize what you will be adding to your casa. To explore, keep on reading.

  1. Goldenglow- Our tribute to the subtlety portrayed by the color Flax, infused with whites and grays, making the carpet look nothing less than a sunset poured on a canvas. The Goldenglow carpet is a majestic creation from the Chroma collection, hand-crafted using nothing but the superior quality silk and wool fiber blend. Exuding modern trends but knotted with a hint of tradition, the carpet lends hour space a transitional character, along with adding a spring vibe to your home.

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  2. Palette- An ideal addition to contemporary homes, the Palette rug is a densely hued carpet designed by using inspiration from earthy reds and browns. Exuding sophistication, artistry, and fine craftsmanship, the carpet adds a volcanic touch to your interior, transforming your space into an elegant casa. By being hand-knotted in construction, the wool-silk canvas embeds the best of both worlds, traditionalism and modernity. A piece that will bind your home together, the Palette is a durable and comfortable piece, and introducing it to your home will be a smart call.

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/palette-hand-knotted-wollen-and-silk-rug
  3. Spectrum- More than an accessory for your home, the fine hand-knotted construction of the Spectrum carpet from our Chroma collection is a statement for your casa. Shades of Teal with white and gray create the perfect spectrum reflection on the wool and silk canvas. Designed for modern homes, the carpet comes with a zeal for traditionalism because of its craftsmanship. Lending sophistication to your living space, the carpet is also suitable in spaces like bedrooms or guest rooms as it boasts of aesthetics and sophistication but in a subtle style.

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  4. Mesh- Hand-knotted with precision, the wool and silk fiber combinations help create the perfect neutral shaded canvas of the Mesh rug from our all-new Chroma collection. The subtle hues make the carpet a versatile addition to your space. Blends in effortlessly with your decor, the Mesh carpet reflects a hint of vintage feel with its modern designs. Crafted especially for the ones who want to add a contrasting effect to their homes, the Mesh rug compliments the shades of your decor and gives them a dense base to shine upon.

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  5. Pulse- The sand green shades of the forest, combined with the gray of the skies come together on the canvas of the Pulse carpet to add life to your home. Crafted by hand using the traditional hand-knotting techniques taught to the Indian weavers centuries back by the Persians, the carpet beholds traditionalism and modernity within its knots. The use of wool and silk lends the carpet a shiny texture with high durability. Use it as a tapestry or as a decorative accent on your floor, the carpet will breathe the freshness of the leaves along with sophistication into your

    Get this rug here- https://www.obeetee.in/products/pulse-hand-knotted-wollen-and-silk-rug

This collaboration between Obeetee Carpets and Tissage brings to life a tribe of Color. Each color has a reference and is associated with an element of life, be it social, practical, or economic. With the Chroma people, we aim to bring to light the importance of color and its value to the world.

For more information on the collection, visit- https://www.obeetee.in/collections/chroma-by-tissage