8 Carpet Trends to Try in 2023

While it is true that home décor is all about our individualistic style and approach towards our interior, communicating this approach can be a tough endeavour if it lacks relatability. Yes, the owner of the home has the primary say in all things décor, but if we only think about what appeals to us and not the potential guests or visitors, our idea and artistry might get lost in oblivion. This is where analysing and understanding the ongoing trends can help us achieve the desired look and feel, while also making it easily communicable to those who peek a glance at it.

8 carpet trends

The biggest misconception that most of us have had at certain levels of life is that trends mean contemporary. However, trends cannot be confined to just a single theme. Be it contemporary, traditional, or even vintage from a thousand years ago, if your home décor elements appeal to a wider audience and can speak their language, consider you’ve made it to the trendy people’s list.

Now, talking rugs, how do you stay in line with trends while making sure that your home feels like an expression of yourself? Read this blog till the end as we list 8 carpet trends for the year 2023 that the designers of the day swear by, and you will get the answers you’re looking for.

1) Earthy hues

Earthy hues such as golden yellows, rustic reds, and olive greens can help create that warmer aesthetic in a home. Such hues in your rug can easily transform your space into the cosy, warm escapade that you want it to be. Such shades, tend to be extremely versatile, and adaptable too, if you want a rug that stays in trend all through the year regardless of the weather conditions in the country of your residence.

If you are looking for earthy toned rugs, you can check our Obeetee’s recently launched collection ‘Colours of Craft’ that features rugs crafted with sustainable materials like wool and cotton, and have been dyed using only natural dyes or plant based dyes as we call it in the modern times.

2) Performance or utility rugs

Long before it was a trend to cover floor furnishings with a plush fabric, the concept of floor coverings emerged from the sense of utility and practicality. However, as times advanced, like everything else that emerged from the sense of performance, rugs too became a critical symbol of aestheticism, and luxury. However, the core essence of the marvellous furnishings cannot be completely detached from the visual aspect of it. Rugs have a wide range of advantages such as sound proofing, adding warmth to a space in cold weather conditions, and preventing the furniture from slipping. Therefore, when buying a rug for your home, it is important to take materials, texture, and construction into consideration while finalising the design and colours.

In the recent trends, architects and designers have been coming across many different materials and textures that are ideal for spaces that require functionality such as dining rooms and living rooms.

3) Textured furnishings in neutral pallets

Rugs are a perfect way to add a pop of colour to your home, but sometimes, when there is already a myriad of colours present in a home, owners usually prefer toning it down with a neutral coloured rug. In the olden times, the most popular type of floor furnishings i.e. the Persian rugs, were usually crafted using a vibrant colour pallets such as red, blue, and green enhanced with varied shading techniques. In the present times, however, neutral tones like beige, grey, and ivory have been widely preferred by consumers worldwide. Since the main element of colour is absent from these rugs, designers play with the textures to add some character to these rugs, and ultimately, a home.

4) Rugs with unusual shapes

The most common shape for a rug is a classic rectangular. But the consumer of the day wants something unique and extraordinary for their home. Every homeowner wants their home to feel and seem different than the one next door, and this is the reason why designers have begun playing with different types of shapes when it comes to catering to these consumers. While rectangular rugs are still the most classic shapes for places like a bedroom talking functionality, to make a statement in spaces like those empty corners, or study rooms abstract, floral, cut-outs, notched edges, scalloped edges, and round shapes have been a favourite for the designers to work with.

5) Colorblock design

Another popular design trend that has slowly been popularising itself in the recent times is the bold, colorblock rugs. Bold designs are visually loud, and catch attention easily. They can make dull spaces seem more interesting, and complement a myriad of aesthetics extremely well.

6) Individualism

Home décor is all about the expression of oneself. We feel the most at peace at our homes, when we feel a sense of belonging to a space. The best way to achieve this feeling in your home is by adorning it with elements that have a personal significance for our mind and heart. With a rug which is designed as per your preferences and taste, you can achieve this sense of individuality in a home with utmost ease. Homeowners of the day are more self-aware today than ever so choosing the right colours as per their mood, textures as per their aesthetic preferences, material as per their utility requirements can help them achieve the desired ambience within their homes.

If you wish to get a rug that carries all the necessary elements that are a part of your self-expression, reach out to us with your requirements, and we will a bespoke rug crafted just as per your individual preferences.

7) Carpet in the primary bedroom

Bedroom is supposed to be a cosy room where after a long and tiring day, we feel like relaxing. While we might not notice the importance of a rug in a room which mostly requires sleeping on the bed, but the presence of a rug is what makes your sleep sounder, and getting off and on the bed much more pleasing. Since the hustle culture is here, in 2023, it is most important that we have a cosy atmosphere in our home, and especially in places where we usually just unwind.

8) Vintage and vintage inspired rugs

Old is gold, and this is especially true for vintage rugs. The vintage theme never goes out of style, and the best part about it is that the older it gets, the more exquisite it becomes. Incorporating a vintage rug or a vintage style rug for your home, creates a beautiful nostalgia in your home, and anchors the furniture in a way that no other rug can. Additionally, due to their popularity thy are also easily accessible, this means that all you need to acquire a vintage rug to step inside a rug maker store, or surf through the great internet and do some online rug shopping. Do note, that since there is a wide range of rug makers in the industry of all types, you may find it tough to find quality within the quantity. So if you do not wish to waste much time hovering around different stores and website, head to your nearest Obeetee Carpets store, or our website, and find the perfect rug for your home which is the ideal concoction of quality, design, material, and craftsmanship.