Why hand-tufted rugs are an ideal choice for first-time buyers?

The first thing which comes to mind when we think of rugs is palaces. In those palaces lived kings and queens. They had those huge ‘durbars’ where rulers of the world led meetings with their ministers and discussed important matters. We are reminded of an era, a royal place. To add this royal sense to our abodes what could be better than a rug. A rug weaved with the finest yarn, dyed with beautiful natural colors, and finally weaved by an experienced and lively craftsman\craftswoman. Nevertheless, this does not mean that only the rich could afford rugs. Rugs are indeed expensive. They were so because the weaving took time and was an intricate process. A vertical loom was used in the making process and each knot was tied individually. Based on how dense the pattern is the greater number of knots were to be tied. Therefore, it required a lot of patience and skill to create them. However, who knew that back in the 1930s, with the help of technology, a tufting gun was made, which could tie those knots in no time compared to those done by hand. This helped in lowering the prices of rugs around the world. 

hand-tufted rugs

When it comes to decorating a new home or renovating an existing one, rugs are an essential element. They add colour, texture, and warmth to any space, making it cosy and inviting. However, choosing the right rug can be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers. With so many options available on the market, it is challenging to determine which one is the most ideal fit for your home. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of hand-tufted rugs and why they are an ideal choice for first-time buyers, as each type of rug comes with its own unique features and benefits.

Before delving into the benefits of hand-tufted rugs, it is essential to understand the different weave types available. The most common weave types are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flat-weave, and machine-woven. Hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive and take several months to construct, as they are woven by tying knots in the warp yarns of the rug. Flat-weave rugs are thin and reversible, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Machine-made rugs are affordable and readily available as they are manufactured by machines, which makes them an accessible option. However, they are not as durable as hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs, which are produced by punching yarn into a canvas stretched on a frame. They are less expensive than hand knotted rugs but still durable and sturdy, offering you an excellent blend of quality and affordability.

If you are buying a rug for the first time then it is advised that you buy a hand-tufted rug. Do not think that because hand-tufted rugs are inexpensive, so they won’t be of good quality. There are several reasons to buy a hand-tufted rug. Read on to know them!

Production Time

As hand-tufted rugs are made using a tufting gun, the production time is around 2-3 weeks. So, if you need it on an urgent basis then it would be better to order a hand-tufted rug. One of the best places to buy a hand-tufted rug is OBEETEE Carpets. The reason is that in their hand-tufted rugs, the tradition is not lost. They sustain the tradition of handmade rugs hailing from Bhadohi.

Design as per your choice  

Using a tufting gun has several benefits. And one of them is that despite how complex, or dense the pattern is the tufting gun could weave it with ease. Also, you get unlimited choices of colors. As hand-tufted rugs are made using materials such as wool, viscose, recycled polyester, and cotton, these could be dyed with the color of your choice.


A hand-tufted rug would last you easily for 7-10 years. Though it would require regular maintenance considering its cost, it is worth it. If you are planning to place, it in a room, such as your bedroom, where the footfall is less then it might last you even longer.


Hand-tufted rugs would not trouble you much with pricing. A decent-sized rug, say 8 x 5ft, would come under 25,000. You can check hand-tufted rugs offered by OBEETEE Carpets. Not only their pricing is economical, but they have a wide variety of designs as well.

These were some of the reasons, which prove that hand-tufted rugs make for the best choice. Especially those who are first-time buyers.

Where should you be buying hand-tufted rugs?

You will find many companies selling rugs but among thoseObeetee Carpets stands out. The number one reason for that is their understanding of the craftsman/ craftswoman. By not choosing the capitalistic approach of building a factory, rugs made by Obeetee Carpets are made in the comfort of home. With a history of 102 years now, Obeetee Carpets is known around the world for the quality of work it delivers.


For anyone who is looking to buy a rug for the first time, the most viable option is a hand-tufted rug. Its main features are its inexpensive price, less production time, and a wide variety of designs and colors. Though, it has some drawbacks as well, such that it is thicker and requires more upkeep as compared to a hand-knotted rug. But for a first-time buyer who is not willing to spend a huge amount of money hand-tufted rugs come to his\her rescue.