The Best Rug Pads: Why You Need One and How to Choose

You have guests over in your place. You brought out your A-game while being a good host. From placing your finest crockery to pulling out a fine handcrafted rug in the living area, you are all set to astound everyone. Imagine when your guests come in; one sits on the carpet, slips, and falls on the ground. It would be embarrassing for him and you, too, that your slippery floor made the rug move from its place. Imagine another thing: you get more guests visiting your place than the expected number. They walk all over your handmade rug while wearing shoes as they enter your place. The pain in your heart that you can feel just by thinking about it is much less as compared to the situation when it will happen.

The Best Rug Pads Why You Need One and How to Choose

Carpets come with a latex backing to prevent slipping and provide the canvas extra support against wear and tear from heavy footfall or rough usage. However, in the long run, this might not do it all. Placing rug pads below your carpet will be like the social media trend, “Small role, huge impact.” Handmade carpets are like the king of the decor world. Timeless, aesthetic, and elegant, a handmade rug can uplift the character of your space and bind everything together in the room. You might have a question here, ‘what is a rug pad and wouldn’t it lower the visual appeal of the carpet?’ A rug pad is a material placed between your flooring and the rug to add extra cushioning to the carpet, protect the flooring from wear and tear, and prevent the rug from slipping from its place. Since it is of the exact size of the rug and is placed underneath, it does not affect the carpet's visual appeal; in return, it enhances the presence of the rug by giving it extra comfort and a platform to rise above the floor.

Since multiple rug pads are available on the market, the question is, which one should you choose and why? To assist you with this, we have written this blog. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Felt Rug Pads- These are among the most popular rug pads, providing excellent cushioning and comfort. They come with a natural thickness and soft texture. Thus, they also add to the carpet's sound-proofing ability. Felt rug pads keep the hardwood floors safe from wear and tear. If you wish to go for the felt rug pad, choose one based on the thickness and density necessary in your room. Also, make sure to put it the exact size of the rug, or else the extra part will be visible through the corners, or the small one might make your carpet uneven, giving away the charm of your rug.
  2. Rubber Rug Pads- Thin in construction, the rubber rug pads come with a song grip. Whether a hardwood or a marble floor, these will keep your rug from slipping away without damaging the flooring. Once the rubber rug pads are installed, you need not worry about bunching or shifting your rug. Accidents can happen anytime, but these rug pads will prevent them by keeping your rug in place and your floors from scratches and cracks. Available in a variety of sizes, choose one that is in sync with your rug.
  3. PVC Rug Pads-
    Similar in construction to rubber rug pads but with an additional open weave, net-style design, they provide a solid grip to the rug on the floor. Apart from the netting design, the water and mold-resistant features are another benefit of the PVC rug pads. These are affordable and budget-friendly, mainly used for rugs placed outdoors or in water-prone areas like washrooms and bathrooms. Please note that while choosing a PVC rug pad for your place, analyze the size and shape of the rug along with the PVC pad's texture.
  4. Memory Foam Rug Pads- Luxurious and well-cushioned memory foam rug pads relieve pressure under your feet, your rug, and even your floor. The ability to take the exact shape of your rug with its weight prevents the carpet from forming wrinkles, folds, or creases. Solely designed for hardwood floors, they are unsuitable for any other flooring because of their less gripping ability. However, they add to the comfort much better than other rug pads. A suggestion- Use memory foam rug pads in places with low traffic and less danger of slipping.

Placing rug pads is a smart move from preventing minor accidents or clustering of your handmade rug, disrupting the look and feel of your space. It adds to the durability of your carpet and lends a protective layer to your flooring. Choosing the right kind of rug pads is more than a necessity than a choice.

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