Reds and Blues for Your Traditional Setup

Traditional Indian homes are epitomes of grandeur, regalia, and luxury. Whether it is an ancestral property that has been passed down generation after generation or a conscious choice to celebrate tradition and the rich heritage, in an otherwise contemporary day and age, traditional living is here to stay. Traditional setups have a quaint charm about them and there are more things you can do to incorporate that charm in your abode, than can be counted on the fingers. An essential element that takes center stage when it comes to incorporating rugs to complement a traditional setting is a definitive color palette. The mental image that stirs inside our minds when anyone mentions a palatial space, imbued with a rich heritage and extravagance, makes us think along the lines of color. Associated with royalty throughout history, the multiple shades of reds and blues have aptly captured the essence of traditional living. A lot of olden-day art bears motifs of the peacock and floral motifs with crimson and sangria. Architectural marvels adorned with lapis lazuli and red sandstone stand true to the indulgence of eras gone by. The splendour of the reds and the blues is unmatched, oozing lavishness. Obeetee brings to you five exquisite accents that can be the perfect additions to your traditional home setup.

Traditional Rugs

  1. Hunting Tabriz: The most magnificent piece from our Persian Saga Collection, Hunting Tabriz is a tribute to history and heritage. Abundantly adorned with Persian motifs and Nastaliq Calligraphy, what binds the entire carpet together is the exquisite color palette of reds and blues. A muted brown canvas acts as a perfect contrast and enhances the sheer beauty of this timeless Persian rug.
  1. Ardabil: Another exquisite example of excellent craftsmanship, this hand-knotted, woolen rug, is perfect for a traditional setting as it is one of the oldest Persian carpets, and is still one of the most valuable accents to ever be produced in the history of carpet weaving. Extensively adorned with 9 identical medallions in the center, and floral motifs galore, this features a perfect harmony between the reds and the blues.
  1. Mysa: A beautiful synthesis of creams and blues, this rug alone glorifies and celebrates shades of blues. A hand-knotted woolen rug, the entire canvas of this carpet is filled with beautiful and delicate floral motifs. At a closer look, the hues of charcoal are noticeable and effortlessly add to the entire look of the carpet. This carpet is ideal for a traditional setting and can be incorporated well on the wall or the floor. The dynamic blues make it perfect for addition of any kind of paraphernalia and decor to go along with the carpet.
  1. Ibis: An excellent example of tribal craftsmanship and skill, this rug reveres the reds and the crimsons. Made with the finest quality wool and cotton, this accent is extremely durable and is the perfect fit for a traditional house, extremely worthy of being passed down as an heirloom. Featuring exquisite and precise designs and patterns, the floral motifs spread across the canvas are enough to catch the eye and leave you entranced.
  1. Khuld: One of our gems, this piece of art is from our Kapurthala collection, a collaboration between the couture giant, J J Valaya and Obeetee. Made entirely from the finest quality materials, wool and silk fibre, this carpet is a masterpiece, a painting that comes to life on an exquisite blue and red canvas. Peppered abundantly with floral motifs and geometric patterns all over the canvas, this piece is definitely the most opulent artefact you can add to your traditional Indian home.

There are a multitude of things you can do to your traditional Indian setup to transform it into a royal haven, reminiscent of Rajasthani miniature paintings from the medieval era. You can choose from a great selection of traditional and ethnic rugs at Obeetee. Head over to and check out our newest collection, "Revisiting Classics," which features an array of modern-esque, traditional Persian designs.

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