Incorporating Geometric Patterns into Your Living Space

Everything has a shape. When people look at shapes, a psychological profusion happens. This allows us to feel different types of emotions, perceptions, and interpretations. Metaphorically, shapes actually have the ability to shape our thoughts. Additionally, the human brain is drawn more towards patterns when it comes to choosing visually appealing accents. Therefore, a good combination of shapes and patterns can act as a mood elevator as well as an ambiance builder. A fair understanding of the importance of these elements can immediately elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

patterned rug

If you are unsure whether a geometric patterned rug would suit your living space, let us help you clear your mind. Or, should we say, let us help you find the right angle?

1) Supports a minimalistic interior approach

In recent times, minimalism has become a popular trend. Most contemporary homeowners are opting for designs that are cleaner, simpler, yet have that unique touch to them. This may sound a little hard to achieve for the simple reason that you overdo patterns a little, and they lose their minimalism in one go. A simple solution to this is the usage of geometric shapes in motifs and patterns. Geometric shapes tend to look more sophisticated and elegant if placed rightly.

2) Brings a contemporary look and feel

If you are looking for a modern and calming design. Choosing a geometric shaped rug might be just the decision you want to take. Perfect for a place with a neutral colour pallet, a geometric shaped rug instantly adds statement to your décor. The adaptability of these types of rugs makes them go well with almost any kind of space.

Fun fact: triangles are commonly defined as energetic and dynamic shape attributes that represent motion and direction.

3) Aligns with décor requirements

Geometric rugs break the monotony in every space. These rugs come in various design and color schemes and can help enhance the visual appeal of a room with neutral color tones. Additionally, be it your bedroom, living room, or the study room, geometric rug bring a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any area without much do over.

Fun fact: circles, ovals, and ellipses represent solidarity and security which is why some people find circles to be more positive shapes than the rest.

4) Makes the room look more spacious

Geometric shapes, besides their immaculate psychological capabilities also tend to create visual illusions. For example, if you have a smaller room, usage of a circular shaped rug can instantly make your room look more spacious. The lack of angles on circular rugs catch the attention and keep them away from the corners of the room that make it appear smaller. Similarly, to make spacious rooms look more warm and welcoming, you can opt for rectangular of square patterns. These rugs will accentuate the size of your room create a warmer ambience in your home.

Fun fact: did you know that squares and rectangles actually depict a sense of reliability and security?

5) Splash of pattern on solid

Most homes have walls that are solid in colour. Furthermore, most furniture also tends to be of neutral or solid colour pallets. Without busy flooring, such spaces may end up looking uninteresting and empty. This is where patterns come to the rescue. Geometric patterns can instantly create a busy element in your space and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Since they tend to be extremely adaptable, they can fit perfectly with the eclectic nature of your décor.


Geometric rugs are the ultimate contemporary dream of design connoisseurs. Now that you have a fair idea about how to you can incorporate these rugs to your living space, we hope you will start the transformation of your home soon. Moreover, if you wish to start your search for a perfect rug today, explore a wide range of geometric area rugs for your home at Obeetee carpets.