How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Cushions and Pillows?

The sudden rise of a bothersome pimple on your face can indeed be a heartbreaking moment. Although it is basic human nature to directly blame the pollution in the atmosphere or maybe your skincare routine. But surprisingly, dandruff flakes or debris seeking residence in your cushions and pillows can also add to the great unhappiness of unwanted skin issues. In addition to that, since your body is directly in contact with these cushions and pillows for bed,  moisture, and sweat can also initiate an entirely different problem – the rise of bed bugs.  Pillows and cushions, seemingly come into direct contact with your face and hair, making them potential bridges of discomfort. An ignorant attitude towards their cleanliness and hygiene can without a doubt impact your overall wellness.

 Clean and Care for Your Cushions and Pillows

It is necessary to understand the intimate relationship between a good night's sleep and our well-being. From seeking comfort for our weary backs after sitting for 8 hours on that office chair to adding a visual charm and beauty to our decor, Pillows, and cushions are an integral part of our lives. Since these cushions and pillows do so much for us,  it is also important to consider that these cherished treasures don’t lose their original sheen, it becomes imperative to accord them the same level of care and attention. Properly cleaning and maintaining your cushions and pillows can go a long way in ensuring that your sleep is restful, and your power nap is rejuvenating. Let's dive into this blog and explore a guide on how to care for and maintain handmade cushions.

  1. The Material- When you set your thumb on the mobile screen opening an e-commerce application or set your feet out in the market to shop for cushions and pillows for your bed or couch, make sure to choose the ones with durable materials. Since these decor and comforting accents bear extra wear and tear, they must be tough yet soft.
    We understand, that buying cushions online made with the right materials might come with a doubt in terms of quality. However, you are in for a surprise. We at Obeetee Carpets have expanded our wings in the decor realm and have launched our latest collection of hand-made cushions with over 100 options. Each made with natural fibers to provide you with high durability and enhanced comfort, our cushions feature unique designs to elevate the aesthetics in your living space. Be it the bedroom, the living area, or the seating area, we have options for each room in your home.
  2. Spot/stain cleaning- Mishaps do not occur with prior notice, spots, and stains might find their way onto your delicate handmade cushions occasionally. To deal with them it is important to act on the dot. Cushions from our collection are made with easy-to-clean materials. In case, of any stain, follow the instructions listed provided with your cushion. For a basic stain, you can use a not-too-strong detergent and slowly wipe the stain with hot water. For a major stain like a wine spill, add vinegar to the hot water along with a mild detergent and dab on the stain softly.
  3. Protection against fading- Though colors stand out in sunlight, it is crucial to keep your cushions away from direct UV rays. These rays affect the colors of the fibers and might diminish their vibrancy. In case your decor requires to do so, add cushion and pillow protectors. These are eco-friendly and easy to apply. They come with anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. It helps lock anything from entering your pillow, be it the moisture or the direct rays of the sun.
  4. Fluffing is necessary- Hand-fluffing is the most common way to do so. Just dab your pillows and cushions over their surface and you are done. This helps open the foam inside allowing the movement of air circulation. Furthermore, you can also push the pillow from the corners to compile any separated filling.
    You can also use a dryer or a vacuum cleaner. While the dryer will dust off any debris or dandruff on the cushion surface, the vacuum cleaner will breathe any foreign material in through the hose. Either way, your cushions and pillows will be dust-free.
  5. Washing/Dry-cleaning- The last one in this blog is only because there is a word limit. The covers accumulate dirt, oil, dandruff, and dead skin which become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus & dust mites. This can hurt your facial skin, respiratory system, and majorly the aesthetics of your decor. Thus, frequent washing and dry-cleaning of your cushion and pillow covers might be helpful. You can choose either one depending on your cushion’s or pillow’s material.

Caring for cushions and pillows is a simple combination of regular maintenance, tender washing, and thoughtful maintenance practices. Easily by following the tips listed above, you can enjoy the extravagant amenities of cushions and pillows for years to come, creating a cozy and homely environment.

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