Family and rugs: Creative Ways to Incorporate Rugs into Family Game Nights

In the heart of our homes, where thousands of memories are hidden inside the walls, a family game night is like the icing on the cake. It is a tradition worth exploring. No one can say no, be it the elders or the children, games are loved by everyone alike.  However, playing the same games over and over might make you feel bored after a point, but an imaginative touch is all you need. Setting some time in our weekly calendar to reconnect with family helps the members express to each other better and create memorable stories to recall for years to come.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Rugs into Family Game Nights

Talking stories, there is one story that we’ve been recalling too, for 102 years precisely, and for all the right reasons. The story of Obeetee Carpets. We began the journey of adorning the beautiful homes of the world a long time ago, and over a century later, our threads created such little moments and memories with homeowners from around the world. Today, when we reflect upon our journey so far, it fills our hearts with pride and warmth. Weaving our threads of exceptional craftsmanship and knotting a promise to stay in your homes forever, we have created one big family of happy homeowners all around the world.

Now, as part of your extended family, let us help you a little with how you can make your game nights with your loved ones all the more lively with our handcrafted rugs.

Here are a few creative ideas to incorporate rugs into a family game night-

  1. Set the vibe- In your childhood or maybe with your children, you might have visited a game zone. Don’t you feel the vibe of fun and adventure in the air? You do right? Thus, you need to make sure to create a fun-filled atmosphere. You can define the play area by placing a vibrant rug and surrounding it with bright lights. This will give you a comfortable base to sit upon and set just the right mood for a fun-filled night.

    Funfetti Hand Tufted Woollen Rug from our playroom collection is a nice option if you wish to create a defined space. Inspired by confetti, this rug is adorned with multi-colored polka dots on a soothing blue base, adding the perfect balance of subtlety and vibrancy to your game zone.

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  2. Create a comfy atmosphere - Wherever you go and whatever you do, you won't be able to enjoy if you aren’t comfortable. A handmade rug is made with natural fibers like cotton, wool, jute, etc. These materials make the carpet canvas thick and comfortable. This provides you with a strong base underfoot in case you decide to sit on the ground or perform while standing.

    Color Me Hand-Tufted Purple Woollen Rug is one such rug from our collection. Made with durable and pure wool fiber, this rug comes with a self-textured pattern in a solid purple color. This rich color symbolizes creativity and calm spirits. It is, thus, perfect for your game nights as it adds to comfort and blends in easily with the decor.

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  3. Host an in-house Hop-scotch tournament- As children, all of us have played hop-scotch for hours out on the road by our house under the scorching heat of the sun. Now imagine feeling the same amount of joy but in an air-conditioned living room with and comfortable rug underfoot. All you have to do is alter the rules of the game according to the design of your rug. A carpet with a geometrical design including squares like our Wonderland Hand Tufted Woolen Rug would be suitable for this game. Hand-tufted with care, this is a designer rug from the Anita Dalmia collection. Designed for the playroom featuring vibrant shades, this woolen rug will give you a plush pile underfoot, making it easy to jump upon.

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  4. Create a Fun and educational game night - Who said that learning can’t be fun? Sit with your children and spend time together in their playroom. While making them learn from books can be slightly boring, make them learn through a handmade rug.
    Adorn their room with our Tiny Town Hand Tufted Woollen Rug and look at their eagerness to learn. This rug features an entire town on its hand-tufted woolen canvas. Make them learn about colors, shapes, and many other things just through a carpet canvas. Make it a quiz and give your child a candy for scoring each point.

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Scheduling family game nights every once in a while not only helps you bust out the stress but also helps strong communication skills between family members. These fun nights help build essential skills in children and help break the barriers between members, all while having fun. While these are just a few ideas regarding how you can incorporate handmade rugs into your family game nights, let us know by reaching out to us if you can think of a few more.

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