Different rugs to suit your living space- Traditional, Bohemian, Regional, and Contemporary

Our home is our single best expression of who we are. Often, we go to a store expecting to buy something completely different from what we typically do, but we end up buying what we always do because it feels more like us. Buying something we don't like is undoubtedly not the best option because, let's face it, satisfaction is proportionate to utility of a product, and if this is ensured, we've put our money where our mouth is.

The same is true when we decide to get a rug for our home. While it may appear to be a simple effort, selecting the right rug for our home is a much more involved work that requires extensive study, self-awareness to establish what genuinely defines our style, and, of course, the value for money component. The rug industry is a vast sea of designs, materials, colour palettes, motifs, shapes, and other elements that, when combined, create a particular style and concept.

Let us look at a few of these themes so that the next time you want to get a rug for your home, you purchase the exact furnishing accent that characterises you.

1) Contemporary

Contemporary Living

A contemporary theme generally means modern selection of designs and colour pallets. Rugs in this category are crafted keeping in mind the popular trends in the market. The rugs are crafted to appeal to a modern consumer base so as to have global design sense. For example, since minimalism is the current trend for home furnishings and décor, most consumers are opting for lighter designs and colour pallets. As a result, manufacturers have consequently started crafting décor accents with minimalistic designs that fit well with their consumers’ preferences. At Obeetee Carpets, you can find a wide range of rugs of the contemporary style some of which are namely- Tenzin- B Hand Knotted Rug, Anemone hand knotted woollen rug, Gyatso hand knotted woollen rug, and Sunrise- M hand tufted rug.

2) Traditional

Traditional Living

Traditional designs are something that never go out of style. As years pass by, their value increases because of their beautiful history and the feeling of ‘home’ that an individual experiences when he buys a traditionally designed décor piece. In the Indian context, the traditional designs are inspired by the carvings and scriptures of the historic monuments, the fashion choices of people in the prehistoric era, and so many such treasures that the Indian history has conferred us with. The Obeetee rugs ae not only designed with a traditional appeal, but they’re also crafted with a similar approach since they are all hand knotted or hand tufted. The Jaclyn rug, ocean rug, Meraki rug and Maheep rug are some of the rugs under this category that one can find at Obeetee.

 3) Bohemian


The bohemian style, which some of today’s younger generation also refers to as ‘Boho’ is a style which is basically created for the uber-hip diaspora of consumers. This style has an extremely unique appeal and its designs instantly give away its theme to anyone who looks takes a dive. Bohemian-style rugs can be identified by their craft-art patterns, vivid colours, and range of textures, making them the "go-to" style for expressing one's individuality. Boho-style carpets are the focal point of ultra-hip interior design. Due to its modern approach, the Bohemian style is a recently emerged trend which is here to stay for years to come. Some of the rugs featured under this category on Obeetee are- Sarah hand tufted rug, Janat hand tufted rug, Isabella hand knotted rug, and Asham hand knotted rug.

 4) Regional

Regional Living

The Indian land is a diverse land where dialects change in every few kilometres, and delicacies transition from one district to another. Therefore, the regional living style often appeals to either the residents of India, or people who have been to India and are aware of this cultural diversity. A perfect example of this can be the distinction between the Rajasthani style of design and the Himachali style of design. The Rasthani style consists of patterns that are a bit on the maximalist side, with a combination of florals and geometric patterns. On the other hand, the Himachali patterns consist of patterns that are more linear, and have more vibrant colors. Some of the rugs featured on Obeetee under this category are Isha hand tufted woollen rug, Abuson hand tufted woollen rug, Bahar hand knotted woollen rug, and Baagh hand knotted woollen and cotton rug.