Carpets as Art: Exploring Limited Edition Collections

It's 11am on a Sunday morning. You have been waiting for several months for the 50% off sale on your favorite store to buy limited-edition outfits. You are feeling excited, as every minute passes by in the clock. The adrenaline causes anxiety within you as you flutter while getting ready to reach the store at 12 noon and be one of the few customers who make the purchase. The store opens at 1 pm and you are aware of the fact that it's only a few minutes before everything goes out of stock. Even in an air-conditioned room, the sweat flows slowly through your forehead as you rush through the aisles and realize that you only have a 30-second window or else all the extra efforts you’ve been putting in since morning will go in vain. Many of you might relate to this experience and understand the craze of owning a limited-edition item.

Exploring Limited Edition Collections

The words ‘limited-edition’ mean any piece of art, product, or anything that is produced only in a certain amount. Started as a marketing tool by the brands, now is a key point in marketing and sales. Owning anything from the limited edition makes one feel superior and on a higher end in comparison to regular customers.

When it comes to art, it has the power to transform its surroundings and induce a unique character to the space. It has a tendency to add depth, and character in the area around it and even affect the emotions of a person. Paintings by great artists are sold across the world for millions. People get these works of art to enhance their homes and induce them with significance.

While paintings and sculptures are the first things we think about art, carpets are another medium that has the same captivating effect on people and elevates the surroundings with a unique aura.

At Obeetee Carpets, we dedicatedly take up the timeless art of carpet-making and bring it into the modern era. We actively collaborate with renowned designers worldwide and meticulously craft a range of limited-edition designer rugs for your home. These collaborations result in a captivating collection of carpets, handmade to perfection that blend in effortlessly in your decor. Each is infused with a unique value and meaning and is in sync with the modern styles of today.

Here is a glimpse of our limited edition carpets designed in collaboration with artists and designers. Learn the artistic inspirations behind these unique pieces and their value in both the art and design worlds.


Known for incorporating the beauty and charm of authentic India, Taruni seeks inspiration from the timeless art of Lucknowi Chickankary, abstract art, and antiquity. He uses a purely Indian color palette and incorporates traditional and floral patterns in his designs.

Designed for homeowners with a premium taste, these designer rugs lend a classic and timeless character to your living spaces.

Our limited edition collection of carpets made in collaboration with Tarun Tahiliani includes a series of artworks, i.e. Lucknowi Chikankari, Indian Miniature paintings, and his usp, abstract art. Each carpet in the entire series is hand-made by highly skilled weavers of Bhadhoi, using only the best quality materials for enhanced comfort, and durability, thus, making them heirloom worthy.


This collaboration is close to our hearts. With JJ, we have given birth to a mesmerizing concept, it includes a series of truthful art that capture images of our home Mirzapur, and its neighbor Banaras.  The 2nd concept Valaya has used is the Jamawar shawl category in Kashmir. With Jamawar on the carpet canvas, Valaya has brought to life the culture of Jammu and Kashmir to the global market.

The Kapurthala collection is a harmonious blend of French motifs and Jamawar of Kashmir. Using this fusion, JJ has painted designs telling the story of towns dominating the carpet manufacturing industry. With intricate patterns similar to the Jamawar shawl embroideries, the carpets from this collection add a transitional atmosphere to your home.

  1. Shantanu & Nikhil

The collaboration with S & N is a tribute to the time when we got our independence in the year 1947. This fusion of Obeetee, and Shantanu, and Nikhil includes 3 subcategories of the collection.

The 1st one brings the essence of independence to the carpet canvas. The carpets under this are adorned with vintage hues and minimalistic patterns to induce meaning in your space.
The 2nd one is the Regimental Regalia. Adorning the carpet canvas are the designs inspired by the awards won by the British soldiers during their rule in India. A blend of warm and cool shades complimented by golden mantles. The last one is the Proud to be Indian collection. Features an array of carpets that proudly represent the traditional and cultural motifs inspired by the olden times of our country.

Handmade with the best quality This collection holds the essence of valorous tales of freedom, along with real patriotic emotion in the homeowner of the day with a touch of modernity.

  1. Abraham and Thakore

In collaboration with the dynamic duo, we launched a fine limited edition set of carpets drawing inspiration from the fine art of Calligraphy along with the traditional Block printing techniques practiced on sarees tied together with the Bandhani and ikat painting styles. The carpets in this diverse collection embed traditional Indian patterns seen on Indian sarees and even revive the nostalgic feeling through the old handwritten letters in their calligraphy range. The designs are painted with the brushstrokes of Bandhani and Ikat, a collage of Kanchipuram borders and Sanganer block printed sarees, and bold, individualistic lines of cursive letters that shine through fading ink.

  1. Raghavendra Rathore

A member of the Royal family in Jaipur, Raghavendra Rathore brought his culture to the carpet canvas. Seeking inspiration from the rich heritage of the state, this distinguished designer has carpets that feature the Durbar Gadi Masand with a touch of Rajasthan architecture. This limited edition collection of carpets is the epitome of the luxury this state had in the olden era.

Handmade with precision, the carpets designed in collaboration with Obeetee and Rathore are like a luxurious drape underfoot. It features textured needlework in velvet along with structures reminiscent of the architecture of the Sheesh Mahal. Including these carpets in your would be like adding royalty to your space.

  1. Anita Dalmia

In collaboration with Anita Dalmia, we have brought the natural beauty of the flora and fauna to the carpet canvas. We call this collection of limited edition carpets ‘Elysian’. Hand-knotted with international-grade materials, these carpets are adorned with designs that display a perfect coexistence of man and nature. She has portrayed her love for nature by using bright shades with a hint of local art of Rajasthan based on her Rajwadi culture.

Just like valuables from the limited edition collection of any genre make you feel special, our collection of designer carpets induces significance to your spaces. Made with the best quality of fiber by using traditional hand-crafting techniques, these designer pieces will add meaning and a unique character to your homes. Moreover, with their superior quality, these limited edition carpets are heirloom-worthy and last for generations.