6 Important Elements To Keep In While Decorating Your Home With A Rug

You researched, looked at all the available options, and thoroughly analysed the interior theme of your home. Such great deal of effort, and now you can’t decide where to begin. Since you’ve already done most of what is required to decorate your home with a rug, there are only a handful of things that you need to keep in mind while actually incorporating it to your home interior. An addition of a rug is absolutely crucial for any home aesthetic as it helps define your home, and make appear more organised and welcoming.

Rugs for Home

To make it easier for you to understand the placement spots in your home and give you a jumpstart on the makeover of your interior décor, here are 6 elements to keep in mind.

1) Highlight the shape of your room

You will instantly see a change in the visual appeal of your interior décor if you use a rug that highlights the shape of your room. The best way to achieve this effect in your home is by using a rug that is similar to the shape of your room. So if your room has a square shape, get a square shaped rug, if it’s a round room, get a round shaped rug for your home. This will provide your space with that much needed depth and make your room look and feel more organised. Additionally, it is a great way to use the floor space in your room. However, if you think your room is rather small in size, it is advised that you get a rug in a different shape than that of your room. A different size will take the eyes off the original shape of your room, thus creating an illusion of a larger space.

2) Don’t hesitate to make a statement

A perfect way to bring more creativity and aesthetic to your space is by creating a statement in your room. You can do this easily by opting for a rug that is extremely unique in its style and texture. Hand knotted rugs crafted with materials such as wool and silk bring a ‘wow’ factor to your space without much ado. For instance, of your furniture is dark brown in colour, you can go for a rug with muted tones with an ecstatic texture and pattern scheme. On the other hand if your furniture tends to be in a neutral colour pallet, you can go for a rug which has a vibrant colour pallet with a minimalistic design scheme, or choose the right design theme as per your style preference.

3) Fuse two distinctive themes

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to stick to a single theme while decorating your home with a rug. You can bring a unique sense of design to your space simply by matching two different themes or even multiple different themes. Subtle variations from your original décor style can help make your space look more interesting and appealing. For example, if your home has a traditional theme, you can go for a contemporary rug to add a unique charm. Some of Obeetee’s collections that are infused with a touch of modernity are Gypsy Oasis, Minimalist Edit, and Farmhouse Chic.

4) Bring in versatility to your space

Rugs come in not just different shapes, sizes, and designs, but also textures. The texture of a rug can significantly impact how your rug will look and feel in your space. To spruce things up in your space, a smart trick to implement could be going for a weathered area rug. This style usually works best if you are someone who does not enjoy recurring cleaning and repair sessions of your rugs. Moreover, weathered rugs sit well with modern home décor trends as they have a more contemporary design scheme.

5) Create an eclectic vibe with plants

Plants make everything look all the more alive. This is especially true when you wish to create the perfect ambience in your home. If you are a nature lover or a fan of flowers and greens, you can create a perfect bohemian aesthetic in the heart of your home. Pair your plat with a magnificent bohemian rug, and add a natural character to your space. A perfect rug to create such an ambience is the Isha hand tufted woollen rug from Obeetee Carpets’ Gypsy Oasis collection. Keeping in sync with contemporary home decor trends, its motifs are a mix of traditional and abstract patterns and textures. This rug is made in rich ivory color with deep borders on both ends that create a fascinating contrast. The use of Indian wool makes the rug durable and resilient in nature. The Isha rug is ideal for home and workplace interiors with a casual style, and creates an eclectic vibe in your home when paired up with some aesthetically pleasing indoor plants.

6) Create harmony in your home

You should of course maintain any type of harmony as you want in your home. However, when in design language we talk about harmony, it means working different styles of carpets together to really achieve the desired look and feel in a room. The key to maintaining harmony however means not going overboard with the distinctive style approach. While adding multiple rugs to your decor, it is preferable if the styles complement one another. Otherwise, you risk creating a jarring or unpleasant impact. A room with too many "warring" patterns will lose its feeling of harmony.