5 Things To Keep In Mind For Your Next Visit To A Rug Store

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A rug defines the interiors of a room. A rug can actually 'anchor' a room, speaking in interior design terms, meaning it can pull together all the elements of the decor to furnish a room that is easy on the eye.

Now, whether you decide to source your rugs online or from an established rug store, both offer hundreds, if not thousands, of rug options for you to cherry-pick. So naturally, picking one that would best suit your home might get you in a quandary. We have been the rug experts for a century now, so you can rely on us to ease this burden.

Here's a list of five things you must keep in mind for your next visit to a rug store.

1. Room Layout & Measurements

Examining the room and its dimensions is one of the most crucial steps to picking a rug. Accurately measure the area in which the rug is supposed to be placed and consider the number of inches it could exceed. Additionally, you can draw a rough sketch to map out the entire layout of the room. If the rug is supposed to go under a dining table, make sure that even when the chairs are pulled out, they remain on the carpet. In the case of a couch or a bed, take measurements in such a way that your feet touch the carpet and not the floor while sitting. This way, you can tell the person assisting you at the store about what kind of rug you're exactly looking for – a narrow and long one, a broad one, a circular one, and the like.

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2. The theme of the Interior Design

This one is self-explanatory. But we'll let you in on some key details while figuring out the right carpet that complements the theme of your space.

  • Art Deco

For rooms with a dramatic outlook, artistic pieces go best. Geometric motifs with graphic patterns are sure to complete the look.

  • Bohemian

The boho charm comes from whimsical designs, embellishments like tassels, and distressed looks. Go for warm, vibrant colors that highlight the free spirit of your interiors as well as yourself.

  • Minimalist

Modern minimalism follows the 'less is more' approach and outlines only the crucial components of a room to make it look clutter-free. Neutral tones, monochromatic schemes, simple geometric patterns, and even statement vintage pieces without unnecessary flamboyance can be a part of your checklist.

  • Contemporary

For people who keep up with the times, the contemporary theme is fluid for any envisioned final appearance. For formal contemporary settings, dark floral carpets remain a classic. For more semi-formal spaces, muted florals along with geometric motifs are a good pick.

  • Transitional

Being a mesh of traditional and modern constructs, transitional decor gives you a lot of freedom to pick a carpet. A neutral color palette best suits an interior with transitional decor. Choose a carpet with ornate motifs for a more subdued room or a geometric one to offset the flashy elements of a dramatic room.

  • Traditional

Indic traditional decor equals rich patterns, symmetric and balanced motifs in deep burnt shades with a backdrop of a bold palette. Symmetrical ornate patterns, like the ones seen in authentic Persian rugs, make a classic traditional rug choice.

3. Your Individuality & Sense of Style

Your personality is a fundamental ingredient to rug selection. What is the point of purchasing a rug that crosses off all the guidelines in the book, but doesn't appease you? It makes no sense, right? So, before you visit a rug store, construct a rough picture in your mind. You aren't compelled to envision the exact looks of the carpet itself but conjure up a broad idea instead. For example, what colors are more appealing to your eyes, the shape of the carpet that would be most flattering according to you, what feeling do you want the carpet to convey - is it exhilaration, warmth, contentment, and the like. You can deduce the key points for your ideal carpet from these factors. 

4. Textures

Texture plays a vital role while selecting rugs. Nobody wants a harsh, uncomfortable fabric to walk on. The rug store you visit may display many textures types and fabric blends. Wool, real and artificial silk, cotton, synthetic materials like viscose and polypropylene are to name a few. You can base your choice upon the comfort, durability, softness and pocketbook. Speaking from experience, we would suggest going for authentic wool and silk rugs because they last ages and are some of the finest ones out there. You can feel the difference yourself between a carpet made by hand, and another manufactured by a power loom.

5. Time & Patience

The chances of you going to a rug store and finding the rug of your dreams right as you step in are very slim. People often take hours, and sometimes even days, to select one. Carpets are expensive; we get it. So just picking one at random is not something everyone can afford to do. But, you probably won't find the best carpets at a garage sale and anyway, hastily buying one is not a wise move. Good carpets take a considerable amount of time to manufacture and cost a fortune due to the time and effort put into each weave. So, if you find a deal that is too good to be true, the chances are that it is. And if taken care of, carpets act as an investment; the history of carpets is the witness to this fact. So, be patient and go for a rug hunt when you have time on your hands. And if not, you can always visit Obeetee.in and rummage through our lookbooks, and decide at your leisure.

We hope you're all set for your next visit to the rug store now!