Best Outdoor Rugs for the Season

Imagine this, it’s a sunny morning, you’re sitting in your backyard, porch, or simply the balcony of your home and sipping on a nice warm cup of tea. You’re having some much needed one on one time with your favourite person or your furry friend and realise how sometimes doing nothing, is just the best thing to do.

Best outdoor rugs

We don’t realise it but every moment we spend with our loved ones or even alone, is a memory that we cherish once it passes by. This is because entangled in our day today hustles and responsibilities, it becomes tough for us to find peace in simple things. But once we get time off all the urgencies of life to finally be with ourselves, we realise what we had been missing out on all this while. We realise that to feel at peace and have fun, we don’t have to step out and spend chunks of our money. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to unroll a beautiful rug in the backyard of our home and just create an outdoor atmosphere where we can feel and embrace the breath of fresh air we rarely experience.

At Obeetee Carpets, we know how significant self care, memories, and comfort is important for every home owner today. This is why we have been crafting our magnificent rugs for a century for homes, creating knots in them so you could further 

Knot them with the memories you create in your home.

If you’ve found yourself entangled in life’s happenings and want to spend some quality ‘me’ or ‘us’ time, read this blog ahead to understand how you can achieve this in your home. In this blog will list out, best rugs for outdoor spaces or occasions that you can find and explore on our website, or in the stores.

 Contour handwoven woollen and cotton rug

The outstanding material quality and longevity of this rug are the key reasons it tops this list. Additionally, its beige colour scheme beautifully collects light in outdoor locations and enhances the beauty of your outdoor space. The Contour rug is a rug that's been constructed with a modernistic approach. It is a carefully crafted canvas with a flowy wave-like texture. Wool and cotton fibres of the highest grade feel extremely fuzzy against the skin and are ideal for all settings and events. The designs have been expertly produced to add a sense of elegance to any living space with their wavy and flowing weave style.

Bahaar handwoven recycled polyester rug

The Bahar printed rug is a sophisticated rug with a traditional yet modern aesthetic appeal. It features rustic hues highlighted with white on its intricately crafted canvas. It features a modernistic colour palette with elaborately carved classical designs that go incredibly well with outdoor settings. This rug's sustainable and long-lasting construction comes from the skillful hand weaving of recycled polyester yarn. The designs have been expertly made to add a touch of elegance to any home and outdoor environment thanks to their uniform, linear weave.

Malinn handwoven hemp and woollen Dhurrie

The woollen jute rug features striking geometric patterns that make it suitable for international design. The earthy tones will easily merge with outdoor furnishings and produce a soothing ambience. Flat-woven rugs typically include traditional themes and have ethnic origins, but this particular rug stands out because it uses contemporary comical patterns to depict history.

The rug will serve as a standout piece for any outdoor setup, whether it be a party gathering or a quiet reading session, since the rusty tones tend to appear more bright on an ivory background.

Sea breeze handwoven recycled polyester rug

This rug has a contemporary appearance thanks to its unusual weaves, fascinating textures, and thoughtfully chosen colour and texture combinations. The fusion of blue, grey, and silver tones is reminiscent of ancient dyeing processes. The rug's recycled polyester yarn has been beautifully handwoven into it. The designs have been meticulously made to add a touch of elegance to any home and outdoor environment thanks to their uniform, linear weave. You can choose from a number of sizes based on the occasion, setting, or size of your area since it comes in 6 various sizes.

Catherine hand knotted woollen rug

The Catherine rug, a real beige treat, has been designed to go well with contemporary outdoor settings and residences. It is ideal for outdoor areas because it only makes your place feel more warm and expansive thanks to the lovely diamond motifs on its sturdy canvas. The rug has a distinctive personality courtesy the border on both of its ends. It has been carefully hand knotted and is made of the highest quality wool yarn, making it ideal for outdoor foot traffic. Homeowners can choose the ideal rug size based on the size of their outdoor spaces as this rug is offered in 6 sizes ranging from 5X3 to 12X9.