Proud to be Indian

Abraham & Thakore

The Vision

Our designs have always been inspired by traditional crafts. So for this collection, we were naturally drawn to the India’s textile language and vocabulary. We looked at the Bandhani textiles of Western India, the Ikats of Pochampally, the block-printed traditions of both Rajasthan and Farrukhabad and the diverse saree-weaving patterns from Kanjeevaram for inspiration. The calligraphy collection, however, was the result of a serendipitous discovery of old handwritten letters.


Bandhani &

Ikat has a very specific graphic quality that we have used to create some of the designs. It creates a brushstroke effect that has always fascinated us so we have tried to capture some of it in our carpet designs by manipulating hand-knotting techniques to imitate those of textile dyeing methods.


Saree & Block Print

Sarees are defined by their distinctive pallus, with each region having its own unique motifs, reflective of its local culture. This collection is a collage of the borders found in traditional saris from Kanchipuram and block printed sarees from Sanganer.



A nostalgic foray into memories of old parchment; a letter found at the bottom of an old trunk, its edges curled and damaged. Strong, individualistic lines of cursive writing shine through faded ink.


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A single Bhadohi carpet can boast up to 300 knots per sq. inch. That’s right, 300!And every craftsman ties between six and nine thousand knots each day.